Top 5 Corporate Gifts Your Clients Will Absolutely Love

Corporate gifts are a great way to show love and respect to your clients and customers. Gifting them something they would cherish is a lovely way to thank your clients for keeping you in business.

When done right, these amazing gifts can also function as employee rewards/incentives. It should be something that will help them to easily remember you every time they see your gift. Here are a few of our favorite promotional products that make perfect corporate gifts.

#1 Leather Snap Portfolio

When anyone says leather the first thing that comes to the mind is luxurious, classy, and classic. The feel of the subtle texture of a leather on the fingertips and the smell of good leather simultaneously evokes the dusty saddles of the Wild West, the boost of a plush feeling, and good old nostalgia of your favorite vintage leather item. These classy portfolios allow you to showcase subtle branding and the gift of style as well.

#2 Letter Opener

Papercuts are not cute and they are for people who don’t work with awesome businesses, so your awesome clients should never get them. How about giving them a branded letter opener? There are plenty of fun and amazing styles available. Your brand logo will shine through the blade! This is one gift that is handy and exudes style.

#3  Luggage

It is a well-known fact that the corporate world style and class matters very much. Let your clients travel with style with the Ryker Canvas Duffel Carry-On. When it comes to style and gifts, classy luggage can do wonders for your clients or customers. You can choose to gift them a durable combo of travel bags with your companies initials or logo embroidered on it. In this way whenever they travel around they will not forget you at all and your brand gets international exposure too.

#4 BBQ Set

When it comes to finding gifts, especially something fun, nothing quite does the trick like a BBQ set.  Promote your brand’s visibility with the Grill-n-Style Apron Bbq Set! Uniquely highlight your brand with this handy Bbq Set! This BBQ set features an apron with 6 pockets and a mesh overlay. With this product, all your cooking utensils, hot pads, and sauces will be conveniently located at your fingertips! What’s more, is it also comes with grilling tools.

#5 Fitness Bands

We often let our health take a backseat and keep our business or work at the top priority. But nothing like taking precautions at the earliest. The Wrist Pedometer is a silicone fitness band that functions as both a digital watch and a pedometer that can record up to 100k steps. What’s more, is these wrist pedometers are great for marathons, gyms, encouraging a healthy lifestyle, and more. Therefore, if you are thinking of gifting something worth it then fitness bands are an excellent choice.

Above are the top five best corporate gift ideas that will not only help you to win the heart of your client or customer but will also help you reach your marketing goals. Looking for more corporate gift ideas? At Promo Direct, you have the freedom to customize these gifts so that your brand logo and message stand out. Let us know and we will be glad to help!