Memorable Customer Appreciation Ideas That Will Help Create a Lasting Impact

The art of showing gratitude to customers is known as customer appreciation. It is a generous, consistent approach to engagement that effectively conveys the significance of each customer to your business.

Customer appreciation must be a priority as it sparks positivity and has the potential to elevate various aspects of your business. Also, expressing gratitude can contribute to an uplifting work environment and inspire team members to always put your customers first.

By ensuring customer appreciation, your brand can strengthen relationships that eventually translate to high referral and retention rates. So, no matter what your time constraints or budget is, there are fun and creative ways to appreciate your customers each day.

Listed below are some inexpensive and memorable customer appreciation ideas you can implement in 2020 and beyond. 

1) Offer a Free Service during Tough Times

Offering a free service when everyone is in the middle of a global pandemic will go a long way in developing strong customer relationships. Many companies are already going above and beyond to help people deal with the new reality.

For instance, Loom made it a point to not profit from the pandemic by making their paid video software freely available to schools. They also ensured that their free plan had no recording limit and doubled the trial period for products.

Offering more for less during tough times is an excellent way to say “thank you” and show your support.

2) Send a Handwritten Note

Email is the primary form of communication for businesses to connect with customers. However, it is not one of the best ways to say thank you. Instead, it’s better to add a personal touch and send a handwritten thank-you card.

It’s rare for people to receive handwritten notes. If they do, it’s usually during a wedding or birthday. This makes handwritten notes even more special and rare. Not only is it a thoughtful gesture, but it will also go a long way in showing that your brand genuinely cares for its customers.

Ensure that you are specific about what your organization is thankful for and be candid about what your customer’s support means to you.

3) Notice When Customers Go Above & Beyond

Ever spoke to customers on email or the phone and noticed they were exceptionally courteous, kind, and attentive? No matter how challenging the issue was, did that one customer’s graciousness and positivity light up your day? Or has someone removed the time to send you a detailed query of what they liked and what could improve in your service?

Next time when you encounter such customers, make sure to be appreciative and thank them for being so diligent and kind. It will make them feel heard, valued, and respected, and will light up their day for sure.

4) Send a Classy & Thoughtful Gift

The best way to impress your customers and improve customer loyalty is by gifting them promotional products. Yes, many organizations are shipping swag to their customers. But a classy, handy, and a thoughtful gift is a different level of saying thank you.

Also, the most important thing about sending gifts is that it should align with your customer’s lifestyle and values.

For instance, if your customer base is gen Z and millennials, some great options to give away are wireless earbuds, trendy apparel such as hoodies, printed T-shirts, wireless charging pads, laptop bags, and drinkware.

The aim here to send relevant and appealing products that your audience will appreciate and use on a daily basis.

5) Support their Interests, Work, & Businesses

The best kind of relationship is when both parties benefit. If you are aware of your customers’ businesses, ventures, or side hustles, show them your support whenever possible. You can engage with their initiatives, provide referrals, or buy their services as often as possible.

Here are some ways you can thank you:

  • Partner with a customer’s business and launch co-marketing campaigns.
  • Ask a customer to conduct workshops for your team.
  • Hire the customer for a position in your company.
  • Give them shoutouts on social media.
  • Support a cause close to their heart.

We hope this article has provided you with the right approach to shower appreciation and gratitude to your customers. If you are looking for some more high-quality and appealing promo products, then connect with us today. Our team of experts will guide you with the selection process and help you find the ideal gifts for your customer appreciation programs.