Social Media Reputation Management: 4 Tips to Do it Right

Social media reputation management is one of the vital aspects of every business. The reason being, consumers largely rely on the internet for information. Also, their purchase decisions are influenced by a brand’s online reputation rather than direct sales messages and advertising.

The online reputation of your brand is not always shaped by marketing communication and website content. Social media, business discovery apps, local business directories, and third-party review websites can also have a huge impact.

However, the primary goal is to positively influence and shape people’s perception of your business.

If you’re just getting started with social media reputation management, the four tips given below will point you in the right direction. 

1) Resolve Issues that Affect Reputation

When it comes to customer reviews, not every feedback will be positive. So when customer issues do arise on your website, online review sites, or social media, ensure that you revert and address the issue.

When responding to negative feedback, be specific about your customer’s experience. Also, communicate improvements and changes you plan to make because of their review. The quicker you respond to your customers, the greater the chance of improving your service and retaining the customer. 

2) Post Engaging, Relevant Content

There is no doubt that 2020 is a year of uncertainty and challenges. However, don’t let the pandemic stop you from indulging in social media activity.

Post relevant content and build your pages regularly by sharing news updates, special offers, videos, photos, and announcements. You can also run contests and provide complementary services such as a trial period extension on your online service.

Also, show a willingness to engage with your followers and community by commenting, liking, supporting their work, and responding to their activities on your social media profiles.

3) Focus on Generating Reviews

Working on a powerful social media strategy can help you build an online presence and engage with potential customers. But at the same time, you must give equal attention to online reviews. As a part of brand reputation management, encourage your customers to leave feedback.

You can even ship them logo imprinted merchandise such as trendy custom apparel or promotional novelties for writing a thoughtful review. This move will ensure brand loyalty and improve brand visibility.

Also, tune into what people are saying about your brand on platforms like Google, Yelp, Facebook, and respond to their reviews. This will help drive more engagement.

By investing in efforts that generate feedback, people are more likely to try your services and rely on your brand.

4) Share Your Best Reviews on Social Media

If your brand has worked hard to provide top-notch service and is receiving consistent five-star ratings, don’t hesitate to flaunt them. Share your top reviews on Instagram stories, Facebook, Twitter, and highlight them on your website and as well.

Remember that customer-generated content is more effective and impactful than promotional brand content and sales messages. What’s more, sharing positive reviews on social platforms can easily drown out negative reviews, build trust, and has the potential to improve your search visibility.

In conclusion, a well-managed reputation on social media platforms can be a deal-breaker in attracting potential clients and customers to your brand. By following the above-mentioned tips, you can drive engagement with your customers, expand your online reach, and develop lasting and meaningful relationships that will uplift your business.

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