Thank Customers & Employees With Giveaways From These 8 Tech Categories!

tech giveaways for employee and customers

Consumers today are exposed to umpteen marketing messages throughout the day. To impress them, it’s important to pick promotional products that help you rise above this marketing noise. And that’s why we recommend opting for promotional tech giveaways that can create an emotional connection with customers/employees and activate your branding efforts in a big way.

Featured here are 8 of our popular tech categories for you to choose from. These products are high on the desirability, ensuring impressive ROI and branding value that lasts years. We have also listed a few recommendations for each category.

  1. USB Hubs & Gadgets

As extensions for USB devices, these hubs let users connect extra devices than allowed by existing USB ports. Most laptops and desktops come with 2 USB slots that are used up by a USB-powered keyboard and mouse. A USB hub ensures that you can connect a printer or an external hard drive whenever you wish to. We have a collection of attractive USB hubs in our inventory to choose from. We recommend opting for the 4-Port Aluminum USB Hub with Phone Stand and the Freedom 2 in 1 – 3 port Mini USB Hub.

  1. Earbuds & Speakers

Our range of earbuds and speakers produce accurate audio reproduction with minimal to zero variation in sound between frequencies. They are available in a range of sizes, colors, and price points. Recommended options include the Polka Truly Wireless EarbudsOpus Wireless Charging Speaker w/ Clock, and On-the-go Earbuds.

  1. Tech Bags & Cases

Our tech bags and cases come in a range of sizes to store your recipient’s tech goodies, from laptops and smartphones to speakers, charging cables and lots more. These bags are durable and designed to last years, providing you with amazing ROI over the years. You can check out the Brandt 15″ Computer Business CaseSmall Tech Organizer, and 15″ Laptop Sleeve for your branding requirements.

  1. Technology Accessories

Our range of technology accessories are designed to provide your target audiences with memorable tech experiences. These handy tools will never go out of style! You could opt for the MopToppers® Webcam Security CoverJumbo Jelly 4-in-2 Charging Cable Red or FCD Touch Screen Gloves.

  1. Laser Pointers & Styluses

Our laser pointers can do a good job of illuminating your brand. They are inexpensive, look great and offer high utility value because they double up as writing instruments. Recommendations include the Roslin Stylus PenBenson Stylus Silver Barrel Pen, and Bic® Emblem Stylus Pen.

  1. USB Flash Drives

There is no denying that USB drives rank among the most useful giveaways in this list. Opt for unique-looking designs such as the Credit Card Size USB 2 GBUSB Pen Drive 32GB, and Nova USB Drive 32GB to stand apart from the marketing crowd.

  1. Power Banks & Chargers

Our power banks do a good job of providing portable power to quickly charge battery-powered products such as smartphones and other devices with a USB interface. Provide this gift of convenience to your target audience! Choose from the Solar Power BankJolt Charger and Mini – 2200mAh Power Bank, among others.

  1. Cell phone accessories

Our accessories ensure that your target audience takes full advantage of their cell phones! These accessories help cell phones function at higher levels or make them look. You can opt for the PopSockets Phone StandSilicone Cell Phone Wallet, or Eye Poppers Stress Reliever Phone Stand, among others to strengthen your marketing efforts.

We hope these tech categories provide your business with a fresh lease of marketing life. Rely on our inventory to reinforce business relationships with customers and employees. Place your order today or get in touch with us for quality marketing advice!