6 Promotional Products You Can Use to Boost Your Fitness Marketing

Using Promotional Products to Boost Fitness Marketing

The fitness industry in the United States is booming with more Americans investing in their health. The global fitness industry is worth $87 billion while the fitness industry in the United States experienced revenues worth $33.25 billion in 2021.

The pandemic has also contributed to the rage for staying fit. The Stress in America report from the American Psychological Association revealed that around 42% of American adults gained weight during the pandemic.

With 39% of Americans holding gym memberships, fitness fads will not die anytime soon! For most Americans, fitness is not just about losing a few pounds or getting 6-pack abs – it’s about achieving overall wellness. Gym owners, fitness professionals, trainers and coaches often use promotional products to target new clients. Useful promotional merchandise provides an excellent path to stay in front of your target audience.

There is an increasing number of businesses outside the fitness domain that use fitness-themed products to take their brand to the next level. Some of these products are listed below:

  1. Exercise Resistance Bands Set

Resistance bands offer a cost-effective workout for your target audience wherever they are. This product can be easily adaptable for various fitness levels and will ensure that your recipients exercise their whole body. What’s more, its compact size ensures that users save on storage space.

This set is durable and sweat-resistant. It can be stretched repeatedly to train each muscle. Made of thermoplastic elastomers, this band comes in a pouch made of 210D Polyester.

  1. Smart Fitness Tracker

This pedometer activity watch comes with an adjustable TPU band to offer maximum comfort. It displays time, calories consumed, steps walked, blood pressure, heart rate and smart phone notifications. It also has a multi-movement mode that helps track sleep patterns and different exercises. It can connect to smartphones through the app highlighted in the instruction manual. Made of TPU, this tracker is splash-resistant and ideal for your next fitness campaign.

  1. Jump Rope

This rainbow-colored Jump Rope has ergonomically designed handles that offer a comfortable grip. Your target audience can use these jump ropes to boost heart health, increase running speed and even ease anxiety!

  1. Mood Pedometer Watch

This pedometer is stylish and has a basic step counter. The top-view LCD display offers easy monitoring and can track up to 99,999 steps. It has energy an idle mode and saving auto shut-off. The secure belt clip adds to this product’s usability and desirability.

  1. Poly-Clear™ Fitness Bottle

This customized fitness water bottle will help quench thirst during strenuous workouts. It comes with a sturdy hand grip to ensure users can drink with ease. It has a plastic carabiner body that’s sturdy enough to last years. What’s more, this bottle can be deployed as a fitness weight when full!

  1. Neoprene Running / Waist Pack Belt

This fitness belt comes with a headphone port and a reflective panel on the front for added safety. It has a slim waist design with adjustable belt and plastic snap closure. The main zippered compartment is big enough to hold most smartphones.


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