Reopen Safely & Make Your Customers Feel Secure With These 4 Steps

With businesses slowly kicking into gear, knowing how to safely reopen has to be the number one priority for organizations. People want to know that brands understand their concerns and are taking the necessary steps for their safety and wellbeing.

Harvard Business Review states that the key to create and sustain a hygienic and safe workplace is by ensuring 200% accountability. This means your employees are following strict safety guidelines and are responsible for everyone’s safety.

Listed below are five simple steps to help businesses reopen their doors and make their customers feel safe.

1) Share your Opening Plans with Customers

Before reopening, let your customers know that your organization will be back soon and that you are looking forward to meeting them.

Listed below are some ideas to keep them in the loop:

  • Update your opening hours on your website, social media platforms, and sites like Google My Business.
  • Post about your reopening plans on social media. Also, communicate safety measures you plan to undertake.
  • Reach out to customers with promotional postcards that highlight the day of reopening, new timings, or special discounts you plan on offering. 

2) Configure your Business for COVID

Another important thing to consider before reopening is the social distancing aspect. You need to ensure that your employees and customers always maintain a distance of 6 feet from each other. You also need to have healthcare essentials such as hand sanitizers on almost every desk and provide your customers with face coverings if they don’t have one.

A great way to maintain a hygienic and relatively germ-free environment is by equipping your staff and customers with health and wellness promotional items. You can even reconfigure doors so that they can be opened hands-free.

What’s more, you can direct the flow of traffic by widening aisles, moving desks, and using informative wall stickers.

3) Create Signs of Safety

When customers walk into your business, they want to be assured you are keeping their safety in mind. Let them know of the precautions you are taking. To ensure optimum safety, you can implement the following ideas:

  • Put up safety signs and banners that highlight safety guidelines for customers and staff.
  • If customers need to sign documents, provide each one with a new promotional pen. This way, pens don’t need to be cleaned after reuse, and you can also boost brand awareness.
  • You can even place a desk sneeze guard for extra safety.

4) Keep Offering Remote Services

If your business offers e-commerce options, curbside pickup, virtual events, or video consultations, ensure to keep these sides of your business open and running. This will create a win-win situation for your customers and company since it offers a safe alternative for customers who do not prefer in-person visits.

In conclusion, taking care of your customers and employees should always be your top priority. By following the above-mentioned tips, you will offer your customers peace of mind, and they will respect your brand for taking their well-being seriously.

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