Share quick & make brand promotion stick with the new LinkedIn Share Button

LinkedIn has finally gone the Twitter and Facebook way – possibly a step further – and introduced a LinkedIn Share buttonthrough which users can share information or content on their profiles as well as on LinkedIn Groups.? I know ¡­ I know that such forums for brand positioning were already started by the FB and Twitter magnates. Still wondering why am I so kicked about LinkedIn finally getting there? Its because this will give a professional focus to brand promotion on the social media network.

With most of your current and potential business contacts already on the site, the LinkedIn? Share button can prove to be a blessing for your brand promotion and can direct your brand positioning. Here¡¯s how and why¡­

Share information

Any new developments in your business, new products introduced or discounts offered. All you have to do is share it using the LinkedIn Share button and the news gets zapped into the LinkedIn sphere that hosts all your business contacts. Brand promotion ¨C instantly achieved!

Strengthen contacts

It works like the FB ¡®likes¡¯ and the Twitter ¡®follow¡¯ or ¡®retweet¡¯! In addition to your information, share information you sourced from your contacts¡¯ blog or website too, using LinkedIn Share. The business camaraderie generated will be good for your business and will be reciprocated too. Brand promotion ¨C gradually ¡­ but achieved nonetheless!

Save time

Information dissemination – to business contacts at LinkedIn who make up your business destination – at the click of a button! Brand promotion ¨C won¡¯t take more than a few seconds!

Linked in also recently introduced LinkedIn Company pages where companies can ¡®build their brand through network-aware recommendations, giving members rich, credible insights into how any given product (or service) is perceived by their fellow professionals¡¯ ¨C (that¡¯s how LinkedIn blog described it!) It works pretty much like the Facebook ¡®like¡¯ concept wherein clients can visit the company pages and ¡®recommend¡¯ your company and go a step further in your brand promotion.

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