Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Its that time of the year again!

When every day is soaked in cheer and snow,
Merriment and joy abound,
Wish your employees and clients twice around
Once for X¡¯mas and then New Year¡¯s too,
Through promotional gifts that speak for you


I am super excited! Its my favorite time of the year, when business and pleasure comfortably blend and I get to wish all my favorite people, including you and everyone else a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Nah! ¡­ A MERRRRRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPPPPY NEW YEAR!

We will be finally stepping into 2011 but not before thanking all those lovely people who made 2010 such a delightful year. I plan to say my thank yous in this way. After a year-long saga of business tips, why refrain from doling out some more?

December is the season for gifts and gifting but instead of the usual run-of-the-mill gifting ideas, why not try something new? Your promotional giftscan be as cheerful as you this year-end. Here¡¯s how.

Cards are pass¨¦, promotional calendars are in!
Instead of giving out paper greeting cards, opt for creative ways to let your greetings linger even though the year won¡¯t. Customize promotional calendars with your greetings and hand them out to your clients or employees.
My tip: You can customize your promotional calendars with photos of employees and one liners that make them unique in your office.

Sweeten your wishes
Promotional chocolates as business gifts won¡¯t come as a real surprise to your clients or employees but imagine the looks on their faces when they see their name imprinted on the chocolates they receive preceded by a ¡®thank you¡¯? Make the ¡®custom¡¯ in your custom promotional chocolates creative and you¡¯ll be rewarded with a smile.

Talk through a theme
Gift promotional shirts in red to your employees and ask them to wear it on X¡¯mas. These promotional shirts will be perceived as thoughtful gifts that promote camaraderie rather promotional gifts.

Lastly, can business ideasever leave out business? Introduce special year-end discounts or offers for your customers and gift yourself the assurance that they will be waiting for you in 2011.

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