Donate for a Cause and earn accolades for your Business

I am a firm believer in the ¡®what goes around comes around¡¯ – in business, just as much in life! Its probably for this reason that I subscribe to certain causes that have considerably facilitated my growth as an individual and as a businessman! And a latest post on the Forbes blog tells me that I am on the right track!

  • More than 88% of consumers while working towards achieving their business goals, companies should think about improving society and the environment
  • Around 83% of consumers think companies should support charities and nonprofits with financial donations

I don¡¯t think you need any more convincing about why donating for a cause should be a part of your strategic business plan. Donations need not be monetary alone. You can donate time, effort and skills and even make it a part of your promotional activities.

Donate a part of your profits ¨C Contribute a percentage of your profits to the charity you support. This can be in the form of promotional gifts that are likely to be used.

Donate a portion of your time ¨C Support an orphanage or an old age home, then make your presence felt physically instead of only monetarily.

Donate your effort ¨C Writing a cheque is the easy way out; contributing your effort is priceless.

How will this earn accolades for your business?

Its easy PR that¡¯s doesn¡¯t cost a bomb, has a ring of selflessness and truth to it AND promises quick results. Consumers who learn about your ¡®softer side¡¯ will want to do business with you as they will perceive you as a businessman with a heart instead of a fat wallet.

Your employees will want to work with you not because you offer them a huge pay packet or give them fancy promotional items, but because they know that someone who can reach out to people he hardly knows, will never treat his employees shabbily. And no one needs to tell you that happy employees mean happening sales.

Even the Government will recognize your efforts and you won¡¯t even have to give them promotional gifts to win them over! Depending on the chunk of revenue you spend on charity, you can also get a tax exemption! (Terms and Conditions apply, of course! Do they ever not?)

What are you waiting for? Make your strategic business plan cause-friendly! Good Luck!

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