National Teacher Appreciation Week: 5 Promotional Product Tips to Appreciate Your Community’s Educators

There comes that time in the year when you zoom out, look at all the good work being done by them, and appreciate the tireless educators in this country.

Cultivating the next generation to tackle the social, economic, technological, and political issues of the next 50 years or so is not an easy task, and it is a task that can often be thankless.

That’s what teachers are for. Whatever field one may be in, there have been and will continue to be teachers. This isn’t merely restricted to schools and colleges, but business organizations as well.

What can business organizations do for the many trainers and mentors who impart sound knowledge and soft skills to their employees over the months?

Why Support All Manner of Educators in the Nation

Business organizations can imbue the culture of Teacher Appreciation Week into their employee relationship management processes. In 1985, the National Parent Teacher Association set the first full week of May as Teacher Appreciation Week. Since then, school managers and business owners have held special events and given away special gifts to show these individuals their inherent social value.

Remember that trainers, life coaches, tuition services, counselors, and other interdisciplinary employees can often fall under the “teacher”  umbrella. Business owners can and should find some ideas to make a positive impact on these individuals, boosting company morale, and making them feel like a necessary part of the corporate family. Here, we outline 5 promotional item ideas, where your brand can make an impact through this gesture.

#1 17 oz. Woodgrain Bottle with Gift Box

This is an environmentally conscious gift made of recycled material. Teachers and mentors are known for being socially responsible individuals, and the sustainable practices used in creating this vacuum-insulated bottle fit their preferences. Its modest, yet elegant, appearance also adds to their teacherly gravitas and is a practical option for their daily office use, keeping beverages at suitable temperatures—they can stay cold for up to 18 hours and hot for up to 8 hours.

#2 Cross Aventura Onyx Black Pen Set

This is a promotional item emblematic of success, apt for trainers, lecturers, and mentors who have led a successful project within your company. The gift set contains a ballpoint and a roller pen, each crafted in luxurious onyx black enamel. Giving this away will make an instant impression—your generosity won’t be forgotten anytime soon!

#3 Wine Gift Set

This is a gift set with a design that makes a striking impression. It contains a slick, growler bottle and two practical, vacuum-insulated tumblers for formal and informal occasions alike. It exudes that rarefied emotion that comes when the recipient is celebrating professional success or enjoying heartwarming conversations with companions and family.

#4 Earbuds/Charging Cable Gift Set

Almost everybody uses smartphones and other electronic devices—like tablets—nowadays. Some people might even have 2 or more devices on their person at a single time. Therefore, it is important to have multiple chargers available with multiple charging adaptations for the several different models and brands in the market today. This gift set comes with a charger that can match 3 different charging adaptors. Its case protects from damage often accrued on day-to-day tasks in the office and on the commute.

#5 The Perfect 6 Gift Set

This is a promotional item special in its versatility and its capability of serving a wide range of needs to a wide range of individuals. For dedicated mentors and trainers of your company, it contains a multi-use highlighter which can be handy for teaching sessions, a notebook set with a ballpoint pen, a cooler tote bag to keep lunches at a suitable temperature, and a tumbler to keep daily beverages cool or warm! It also contains a tool pen and a flashlight for other home-related purposes.

If your company is looking for more ideas for this Teacher Appreciation Week, you can always check out a range of promotional products themed on teacher appreciation. We have had experience in this field for several decades now, and distribute from supplies with a significant inventory. Contact Promo Direct for a clearer idea of these promo product ideas this May.