Eco-friendly Made Easy: What are Natural, Sustainable & Organic Promo Products

As per the 2020 Global Ad impression study, almost 72% of consumers prefer eco-friendly products. The numbers do not lie. We can clearly see that there is a rising demand for promo items that are made from natural, sustainable and organic materials.

However, what do these words actually mean? If you feel the distinction is not outright evident, we don’t blame you. Since they are so closely related, the terms can be easily confused for something else. This is why we are breaking down each term so that you can give away the ideal eco-friendly promo products in your next marketing campaign.

Let’s get straight to it, shall we?

1) Natural Promo Products

Natural products usually come from animals, microbial sources, or plants. Simply put, these items have ingredients derived from a living organism. The product’s ingredients do not need to meet any more specific qualifications beyond that. Promo products crafted from natural ingredients offer an inexpensive way to gift your customers with naturally derived items.

Listed below are some of our recommendations:

1) Panda Pen
2) Bamboo Cutting Board with Handle
3) Gildan® – Heavy Cotton™ 100% Cotton T-Shirt
4) Gusseted Cotton Canvas Tote
5) 12″ Harvest Ruler

2) Sustainable Promo Products

Ingredients that are derived in a way that can be maintained can be termed sustainable. Sustainable Promo Products are crafted with recycled materials and renewable resources that don’t disturb the ecological balance when harvested.

Products can also be dubbed as sustainable when they mitigate or eliminate pollutants, thereby reducing our carbon footprint. Sustainable products are made by companies that ensure minimal waste during the entire manufacturing process and supply chain, i.e. from the manufacturing plant to the consumers.

If you want to position your brand as someone who practices sustainability and aims to reduce environmental waste, then gifting sustainable promo products is the way to go.

Listed below are some of our recommendations:

1) Recycled Magnetic Journal Book
2) The Recycled Jotter & Pen
3) 5″ Recycled Jar Opener
4) Recycled Mouse Mat®
5) ECO Mini Bag

3) Organic Promo Products

Products that are manufactured or cultivated organically can be termed organic products. Organic promo items are crafted from materials that are grown and processed by organic agriculture.

Organic promos are ideal for businesses in healthcare and fitness as their target audience is more likely to prefer products made from natural and healthy ingredients.

Listed below are some of our recommendations:

1) Econscious Eco Trucker Organic/Recycled Hat
2) Indulge 4-Piece Spa Scents Set
3) Natural Lip Moisturizer

We hope you have gained some noteworthy insights from this article. Feel free to connect with us if you wish to personalize your promo products or are looking for more options. Our team of experts is here to help you through the product selection, customization, and delivery process!


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