5 Promotional Must Haves for National Barbecue Month

5 Promotional Must Haves for National Barbecue Month

After a year of lockdowns and travel restrictions, this summer might see the revival of outdoor gatherings, especially in safer COVID zones in the U.S. These gatherings will ideally be restricted to smaller contexts within families and households.

Earlier in the year, the cold wave would have also exerted its negative effects on the population, intensifying the lack of socialization and the concomitant mental health problems. Come summer, the positivity is set to get rolling again. The month of May could see a welcome uptick in people doing what they could not do over the past few months.

And what better opportunity to take advantage of the renewed freedom than National Barbecue Month?

May is usually the time of the year Americans beat the heat by hosting open-air barbecues in their backyards and on their lawns. Families, neighbors, workmates, and fellow students come around, and the occasion often involves cold beverages and beer too.

This is a ripe marketing opportunity for brands to gain a handhold in the crevices of their target audience’s minds. Brand recall and mindshare can always be multiplied in the presence of a crowd. Here are 5 promotional products your brand would do well to give away in May.

#1 Shredder Claws

Shredder Claws| Promotional BBQ Sets

The design of this barbecue-themed product is what makes it eye-catching. Not only that, it is impressive for its use of shredding large quantities of meat in double-quick time. Oftentimes, preparing meat for the grill is a tedious job that requires multiple hands to perfect. With these durable, plastic Shredder Claws, your target audience’s barbecue parties will flow by at a hassle-free pace.

#2 Folding Cooler Chair/Stool

Folding Cooler Chair

An outdoor barbecue under the summer sun will invariably require a bevy of cold beverages and beer cans in the vicinity. Also, ad-hoc seating on the yard or lawn where the event is taking place. What can solve both these problems? This innovative promotional product. The “cooler” section of this product is made of EFE foam with insulatory PEVA lining, capable of carrying 40 cans. Its “chair” section is foldable and can carry a person who weighs up to 200 lbs. A web carry strap and padded handle make it easily portable. It’s the perfect barbecue product!

#3 Grilling Mitt

Grilling Mitt

Expand your brand’s mindshare with this handy grilling mitt! Not only will it be a valid choice at barbecue parties, but also in the kitchen throughout the year. Made of silicone, the materiality prevents intense heat from reaching your fingers while you handle barbecue grills and hot pans from your kitchen oven. Its grip is wide enough to ensure that you don’t drop your hard-earned preparations!

#4 Grill-N-Style Apron BBQ Set

Grill-N-Style Apron BBQ SetThe barbecuing process is a lengthy one, requiring all manner of cooking and safety tools. This versatile set includes an apron that can hold all your cooking utensils, hot pads, and sauces. It also comes with a multi-Q grilling tool and a meat thermometer for when the griller wants to test for optimal conditions of the grill.

#5 Grill Master 5pc Bamboo BBQ Set

All barbecues need a grill master, the individual who will take care of the main process of preparing, skewering, and grilling the meat over those unusually high temperatures. A tool is only as good as its handler, yes, but a comprehensive toolset enhances an already competent grill master. This elegant case of bamboo-handled tools serves the best you can offer to your target audience. The tools include tongs, knife, fork, spatula, and basting brush. The bamboo wood mitigates the risk of accidental burns.

You can understand more about these barbecue-themed products by consulting with a well-established promo company like Promo Direct. Once you give these practical products around at this time of the year, the goodwill you generate will stay priceless.