National Golf Month: These 6 Promo Products Will Drive the Hard Yards for Your Company/Brand


The month of August beckons to those whose idea of leisure extends to the vast greens and fairways of the local golf course – or even the driving range. The crowd tends to be middle-aged, but there is always potential in National Golf Month, as there are newbies invited on account of the annual observance.

The observance commenced in the year 1993, through the work of The Professional Golfers’ Association of America (PGA). Part of the movement was to promote golf to the family unit, and not just to the middle-aged segment it is more accessible to. Golf club members, regular golfers, and shops are invigorated to encourage the sport to all ages, genders, and earners.

In August, golf clubs also hold lessons at discounts, make entry less prohibitive, and give out rosy deals for 18-hole sessions on their course. And it needn’t be restricted to clubs—citizens can also make the trip to local putting greens, chipping greens, driving ranges, or the mini golf course, to get a taste of the leisurely sport.

There are several marketing ideas to be gleaned from this annual observance. We outline 6 popular golf-related promotional items your company can give away to locals, customers, and employees, just to expand brand mindshare in a target region.

#1 Titleist® Pro V1® Golf Balls

This is a perfect gift for employees and customers who are seasoned golfers; but it isn’t unreasonable to also give it to newbies. Titleist golf balls are known all over the world for their reliable aerodynamics. This set includes 12 professional Pro V1 balls with Drop-and-Stop™ greenside control. Made of Ionomer, these golf balls have a comfortable soft feel and with ample imprint area for your brand logos, brands can win mindshare.

#2 Golf Mesh Shoe Bag

After hours walking on the fairway, roughs, sand traps, and even near wet banks of the course’s ponds, golfers and their caddies (if any) will need to change and store their shoes in a convenient sport. This mesh shoe bag does the trick. Made of polyester and PVC mesh, this bag has a front-zippered pocket and a top handle, which makes carriage around the course light and easy. Coming in 3 mature colors, it has ample space on its front for brand messaging, artwork, and logos, so that your brand can make an impression on groups of golfers and their friends.


#3 300 GSM Heavy Duty Microfiber Golf Towel

Every golfer knows their success in the sport relies on small margins of accuracy, and to maximize that the club, ball, hand grip, and tee has to be perfectly clean and balanced. To avoid any low friction due to wetness in the rain, or dirt that imbalances the weight distribution of the ball and club, a golfer and his caddie will want an absorbent cloth. This microfiber cloth is just the thing, and it has quick-drying capabilities as well as a hook attachment to help clip it to one’s golf club bag.

#4 48″ Arc Umbrella

Caught unaware in a passing shower? Or do you just want to keep the toiling sun away from your skin, as you walk between each of the 18 holes? This generously spanning umbrella will be a great addition to your customers and employees, as they take a day off on the golf course. It has an automatic opening mechanism, and comes with an elegant wood handle over a metal shaft. Made of nylon material, it has ample imprint area for your brand messaging, artwork, and logos, so you need to buy this in bulk now!

#5 Golf Ball Caddy

No one likes divots on the fairway. An unkempt golf course reflects badly on its club members. Most club members are responsible people who want to repair divots they leave after driving the ball, and this golf-sleeve set comes with a divot repair tool, with a ball marker and 4 tees. The sleeve can hold upto 3 golf balls, and can easily release them through its special mechanism. It clips on to golf bags for easy portability. Make golf life for your customers and employees nice and easy!

#6 Golf Bag Cooler

Stuck on the 18th hole, thirsty and bothered, on a hot day? Every golfing party needs space for cold beverages. This polyester promotional product can hold upto 6 cans of beverages with ice, and it’s designed to neatly fit into one’s golf bag. It has a front zip pocket, a side zip entrance, and an adjustable removable strap. Its imprint area is generous enough for brand artwork and messaging, and, at the very least, logos.

To know more about how to market and promote your brand using golf-related products in National Golf month, contact and read through websites of promotional product companies. Promo Direct is an established promo company with a comprehensive inventory that includes several golf-related promo products. Make sure to check us out soon!