National Culinary Arts Month: 8 Promotional Products that Encourage the Art of Cooking

National Culinary Arts Month- 8 Promotional Products that Encourage the Art of Cooking

Every year since 2002, the U.S. celebrates July as National Culinary Arts Month, in honor of exemplary chefs, bakers, and other culinary masters who come up with progressive ideas on food—melding cultures and cuisines alike, for the public to savor.

More than that, this yearly observance encourages the art of cooking in the nation, and brands can use this opportunity to push forth exciting content and products on the topic of cooking and its value in everyday life. Cooking is more than just an art, being a necessary skill any adult needs to learn. Thus, it deserves celebration!

Here, we outline several ideas brands can use to pique their target audiences, including useful information and products

Honor Your Local Culinary Artists

First things first. Stay true to the occasion and honor the chefs and cooking staff at local diners, restaurants, and hotels. You can promote them on your social media handles with food selfies and appreciation posts, help them create videos of their most popular recipes, send personalized gifts to them, and you can even tie up with their food chains for business reasons. Make them stand out and feel special!

Churn Out Culinary Content to Younger Demographic

Your websites, social media channels, and other forms of marketing can take on a cooking-friendly approach for the month. This will familiarize your brand to your audience, targeting them with useful information they might need in their kitchens. Other than the obvious matter of presenting exciting, new recipes, you can also champion the cause of cooking especially to the younger demographic. Many young adults do not cook, and only some are accomplished cooks in their own kitchens. Find innovative ways to help them out—for example, explainer videos—so that they associate your brand with positivity.

Give Away Useful Kitchen Promotional Products

Last, but not least, there are several promotional kitchen items that any self-respecting learner will want to use in their everyday attempts to be better cooks! Anyone who has a passion for cooking might need these items, which you can give away during this special month for free or at a discount.

#1 Bambu Bamboo Cheese Set

Bambu Bamboo Cheese Set

This is an elegant knife and cutting board set made of bamboo. Approved by the FDA, you can be sure to encourage customers and employees with its neat sliding container and three knives—a perforated knife for semi-soft cheeses, a hard cheese knife, and a cheese cleaver. Your brand name, artwork, or logo can be laser engraved on the bottom right on the set, allowing decent mindshare!

#2 Quick Work Silicone Whisk

Quick Work Silicone Whisk


This is a brilliant silicone whisk, for whipping and stirring gravy, vinaigrettes, and sauces without abrading your cookware. Its material makes it heat-resistant, which helps the cook use it on hot liquids as well. Imprint location for your brand logo and artwork is on the handle.

#3 Digital Kitchen / Grilling Thermometer

Digital Kitchen - Grilling Thermometer

All the best cooks want to know when their grilled meal is ready without actually touching or tasting the food’s dangerous surface temperatures. One of the many ways of doing so is with a grilling thermometer. This is a useful kitchen accessory with a battery-powered, instant-read thermometer with a range of 122 degrees to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. This promotional product displays temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit!

#4 Kitchen Bright Oven Mitt

Kitchen Bright Oven MittThese vibrant oven mitts will keep your brand messaging warm in the minds of your target audience while also keeping their hands safe in the kitchen. Handling freshly baked and hot dishes has never been easier. Of cotton canvas material on the exterior and non-woven material on the interior, it also has a sewn-in magnet to allow easy storage on a refrigerator!

#5 Silicone Basting Brush

Silicone Basting Brush

For all those overeager people looking to dabble in grilling, rotisserie, and roasting: basting the meats in a sauce, marinade, or their own meat juices can take your meal to gustatorial perfection. This basting brush does the job, with its flexible bristles and functional silicone materiality that can handle temperatures of up to 450° F. This promotional item is certified by the FDA and is dishwasher safe!

#6 Stacking Measuring Cups & Spoons

Stacking Measuring Cups & Spoons

A conscientious cook always measures the ingredients they are putting into the cooking process. This set of measuring cups and spoons is the perfect antidote to imbalanced recipes. You can measure your ingredients down to the milliliter. It includes a 1/2 tablespoon, a 1 tablespoon, a 1/4 cup, a 1/3 cup, a 1/2 cup, and a 1 cup. The cups are not for microwave use but are dishwasher safe!

#7 Port Authority Full-Length Apron with Pockets

Port Authority Full-Length Apron with Pockets

This is a comfortable apron made of cotton twill having anti-stain protection. Keep wannabe chefs clean from the trials and tribulations in the kitchen and make sure your brand gets mindshare by imprinting its logo, messaging, and artwork on the front! The apron includes an adjustable neck strap, two waist-level patch pockets, and a pen pocket. For barbecue lovers, your brand can also give away a barbecue apron set with an included oven mitt, insulated pocket, bottle opener, and towel loop.

#8 Flex-It Cutting Board

 Flex-It Cutting Board

Every cook knows that cutting and chopping is a rudimentary and necessary aspect of the process. This lightweight cutting board, made of high-density polyethylene, is extremely durable, capable of taking the constant chatter of a knife on its surface. Give it away to customers and employees to encourage their daily kitchen routines. It is top-rack dishwasher safe and can take the brand logo, messaging, and artwork imprints on its backside. If your brand is looking for these cooking-related promotional items, consult with an experienced operator in the industry, like Promo Direct.