8 Creative Promotional Products for Schools that are Reopening

The 2021-2022 school year has finally arrived and due to the current pandemic, it looks quite different than usual.

From half-day timings or half-week schedules to remote distance learning, families and schools are trying to reopen schools safely and bring students back to the classroom.

Also, the recommended school supplies for each grade have been altered. CDC has listed important guidelines for schools that are returning to campus. It includes a large supply of sanitizing products, wipes, and masks.

It’s definitely a challenge for everyone, to say the least. However, by giving away safe and handy promo items to the teaching staff and students, you can discover new and creative ways to protect your campus and improve morale.

Few Considerations to Keep in Mind:

 1) Hand Sanitizers

CDC recommends opting for hand sanitizers that have a minimum of 60% alcohol-based content. This ensures clean, germ-free hands. Most of the sanitizers have 60-70% alcohol content, so you can rest easy knowing that the product will provide safety.

2) Face Masks

You need to hand out masks that fit and are comfortable. Not doing so can diminish your shool’s reputation and put your students at risk.

3) Plan Ahead

Before you invest in PPE items for your school, keep in mind to plan ahead of time, and opt for a promo products brand that offers quick delivery service.  With PPE products in high demand, it’s best to plan a few weeks ahead of time.

Listed below are some creative and essential promo products.

1) Kids Disposable Face Masks

The Kids Disposable Face Masks is soft, breathable and will offer optimum comfort to your students. It is a 3-ply mask that can cover the nose and mouth properly and features a secured elastic strap for a good fit. It also has cute panda patterns and comes in two colors: Frosty Light Blue or Pretty Pink. The masks are CE and FDA registered and are available in a box of 50 masks.

2) Adjustable 3-Ply Cooling Mask

The Adjustable 3-Ply Cooling Mask is another comfortable mask that is made from 45% polyester and 55% nylon. It comes with quick-absorbing and quick-drying features. To ensure extra safety and a proper fit, the mask has a nose clip. It also has a decent imprint space for your school’s logo, and you have the option to choose from seven stunning colors. Your students will proudly wear this mask, and you can rest easy knowing its providing them with comfort and safety.

3) 10 ml. CleanZ Pen Hand Sanitizer – Made in USA

For every educational facility, hand sanitizers are PPE essential. However, with concerns about touching sanitizing dispensers, it’s best to give away personal hand sanitizers that can be clipped to a purse or a backpack.

This hand sanitizer spray features 62% alcohol content and comes with a carabiner, making it ideal for teachers and students on the go. What’s more, it’s FDA approved and comes with full-color imprinting.

4) Sani-Writer Sanitizer Pen Combo

This unique product is a twist-action ballpoint pen in the bottom and a sanitizer sprayer on top. It is filled with 3.5 ML of 70% alcohol liquid hand sanitizer, making it effective enough to kill all bacteria. The sanitizer is made in an FDA registered facility and features a safety cap on top of the sprayer. It also has a decent imprint area of .625″ H x 1.6″ W and will make your school’s logo pop out!

 5) Buddy Budget 15″ Computer Backpack

When it comes to student learning, tablets and laptops have become more essential than ever before. Schools need to implement safe ways for students to carry their electronic devices without risking damage.

This specific backpack has a padded compartment that holds most 15″ laptops. It has a large gusseted zippered front pocket with a protective flap and adjustable reinforced padded shoulder straps for extra comfort. Your students will love receiving this classy looking backpack for sure.

6) Contrast Paperboard Eco Journal

You might be thinking, who’d want an old school journal as a gift. However, scientific research suggests that writing by hand can help people retain vital information such as work deadlines and important dates. So a journal is a promo item you can be sure that your teachers and students will use.

This eco-friendly journal has 70 sheets of lined recycled paper and features a hardcover with black fabric tonal accents. It also comes with a pen that has a natural barrel and a plastic color accent.

 7) Vision Unisex Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Amid the COVID pandemic, screen time is up more than 500%, and the number is only expected to grow. The questions arise – what can schools do for students? One easy solution is to safeguard their eyes with a pair of custom blue-light glasses.

The glasses also feature a unisex design to ensure no student feels left out. This allows the entire school to rep trendy and wearable eye protection.

 8) Eco-Friendly Lunch Set

It’s no surprise that teachers and students are busy people. Most mornings involve shoving eatables and a bunch of items into a backpack and rushing for the door. This Eco-Friendly Lunch Set will surely make their mornings much easier and will help your school cut down on waste.

This lunch set features a two-compartment lunch set that comes with a three-piece utensil. It is made from 50% wheat straw and has a stylish bamboo lid. It also contains an elastic strap to hold the separate food compartments in place and avoid leakage.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, 2021 and the upcoming year will be quite different for schools and universities across the country. But let this not hinder your school’s progress. Let us look at it as an exciting opportunity for educational institutes to reinvent their branding efforts and embrace the new changes.