Holidays and Observances in the US in October 2017

Looking for great ideas to enhance customer engagement in October? We have you covered! Featured below is an infographic showcasing some unique holidays and observances coming up in October. Find a holiday that’s directly related to your line of work. Consider distributing promotional giveaways to your target audience during these occasions to enhance brand awareness and boost sales!

  1. National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Spread awareness about breast cancer while getting your brand name out with the Two Tone Matte Sunglasses!


  1. National Dental Hygiene Month

Distribute Flat Dental Floss at clinics to spread the message of practicing good dental hygiene on a daily basis!


  1. Stress Awareness Month

This ‘Landscapes of America Calendar’ will provide a peaceful respite from stress to clients all through the year!

  1. Customer Service Week

Show your appreciation to customer support staff with the 4″ X 6″ Notebook with Pen!


  1. The Fire Safety and Meis a great way to highlight the importance of fire safety!


  1. Raise awareness amongthe target audience about providing quality healthcare, nutrition, clean water, and air to children with the Lighted Tube Bracelet.


  1. Celebrate World Food Day by handing out the 18 oz. Clear Tumblerat non-profits, schools and office.


  1. Capitalize on the spirit of the holiday with this Reflective Halloween Bagthat both kids and parents will love!
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