Choosing The Right Tagline For Your Business

Taglines or slogans are memorable and compact phrases that are associated with a product or service. Look around and you will notice that everything you use at home or work has a tagline associated with it. It doesn’t matter how big or small the brand is, a tagline aims to immediately build a long-term relation with your brand!

Unfortunately, not many marketers give importance to coining the right tagline. This is because they don’t have the experience to understand the marketing benefits of having a memorable slogan!

Why are taglines important?

The right tagline can help convert the aura associated with an ordinary product to a desirable one. It quickly establishes a rapport with the audience, giving your brand a head-start in marketing campaigns.

Let’s take the example of battery giant Energizer’s tagline “Keeps going and going and going”. This tagline helped underline the product’s huge reliability value and power. It’s time to create quality taglines for your brand as well. You can achieve this by referring to the tips below:

  1. Understand your target audience thoroughly

The perfect tagline should have a quality impact on your audience. This is possible only if you know the end-consumer well. Perform extensive research about their likes and dislikes. Analyze competition to understand the tagline strategy used by them. Compile a list of competitor taglines and resolve to do better than them!

  1. Ensure that your tagline has a useful message

A tagline should be compact yet feature all or some of the pointers below:

  1. Showcase your commitment: Highlight the fact that your company is trustworthy and reliable. This helps you stand your ground in the face of fierce competition.
  2. Add a fun touch: Your slogan should be memorable. Add words that help the audience connect with your brand at a fun level. This will help consumers remember your brand more often.

iii. Highlight the product’s strength: Energizer’s slogan “Keeps going and going and going” successfully highlights the product’s key strength in a catchy manner. Is there an aspect of your product that can be similarly highlighted?

  1. Understand that your tagline should serve your brand for eternity

Some companies have changed their taglines frequently and this resulted in a severe communication gap with the target audience. It’s important that your tagline features a message that can stand the test of time. For this, make sure that the slogan is relevant not only for today’s times but also the future!

We hope this article helps you focus on arriving at the right slogan. Get in touch us and we will provide tips! You could also ask us for marketing advice on choosing the right giveaways. Our tips will help you launch a successful marketing campaign!

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