5 Marketing Ideas For Veterans Day

Veterans Day is annually observed in the United States on November 11 in honor of our country’s most respected citizens – military veterans. It is known as Armistice Day or Remembrance Day in other countries – this day was observed to signal the end of World War I.

The United States observed Armistice Day till 1954 when it was renamed Veterans Day. A lot of people confuse Veterans Day with Memorial Day and Armed Forces Day (both observed in May). Marketers looking forward to striking a patriotic chord with target audiences in November rely on Veterans Day to launch an effective marketing campaign.

Show your gratitude for veterans by associating your business with Veterans Day. Here are some Veterans Day marketing ideas that will help you get started.

  1. Patronize or tie up with veteran-owned businesses

You might not be aware but there is a possibility of several veteran-owned businesses existing in your local area. Approach one or more such businesses and see how you can be of help. Partner them if the services offered complement each other.

  1. Distribute promotional giveaways

Help customers and employees feel connected with Veterans Day by handing them personalized giveaways. Some recommended giveaways include Flexible Key Tags (USA Flag), Soldier Mad Cap Stress Reliever, Distressed Military Style Cap, and Port & Company® 5.4 oz. 100% Cotton Camo Tee. All of these products are economically priced, high on quality, and come with a variety of offers.

  1. Provide veterans with discounts

Veterans deserve all the recognition coming their way – try to introduce discounts or offers aimed at them on Veterans Day. You will notice your business getting a lot of goodwill – this kind of positive publicity can last a lifetime!

  1. Host a party at your office or store

Invite veterans to speak so that employees and customers have an opportunity to learn more about their contribution. Invite local dignitaries as well so that they gain a glimpse at your business’ endeavors to celebrate the achievements of veterans.

  1. Highlight the occasion at schools

It’s important to introduce kids to Veteran Day. A simple yet effective product such as the JoBee Patriotic Pencil will attract attention towards the occasion and your brand. Distribute these pencils at local schools to gain visibility.

We hope this article encourages you to do your bit for veterans. Adopt Veterans Day and use it to take your business forward. Contact us for marketing tips and we will gladly be of help. We can also provide you with more giveaway ideas to make your campaign memorable. Make use of our low prices and numerous offers to ensure your marketing efforts stay within budget. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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