Giveaway items for marketing your business during events

Don¡¯t you just love receiving gifts! So do your clients. However small or irrelevant the gift may be, getting something complementary gives them a high. To strengthen your customer¡¯s loyalty to your brand, all you need is to use promotional giveaways that are designed to tug at their heartstrings.Your gift will first elicit a smile and then their logical brain will skip to the ¡®well-wisher¡¯ who was responsible for this sudden piece of joy; i.e. YOU! Brand recognition ¨C accomplished!According to the study done by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), 78.2% more attendees responded to a mailing offering a promo giveaway, than a plain post card advertising the exhibitor¡¯s booth. So there is really no doubt that with giveaways you get to please your customers and leave them with a part of you, which they will hold on to.Your personalized giveaways can be cute, useful, witty, durable or ideally, a combination of all these. Your choice of giveaways depends on the events during which you will be distributing them and the industry you are in. In this regard, tradeshows are a best place for distributing giveaways as they host the who¡¯s who of your industry and clientele. Choose giveaways that are relevant to your brand as well target group, and neither time nor competition will weaken your brand equity. For example, if you are from the health industry, use healthcare giveaways like sanitizers, sunscreens or first aid kits.

Promotional calendars on topics that excite your customer will keep your brand alive in their mind all year long. From puppies to tractors, cars, stamps, wildlife, food and healthy food, promotional calendars cover a large ground and you can surprise your customers by giving them a customized calendar suiting their tastes.

If you want two targets achieved at the price of one, then choose promotional products that cost less but are highly effective because of their high usage. Promotional pens, flashlights, key-chains, stress balls promote brand recall because they aren¡¯t stored away for later. Imprint anything from your company¡¯s logo or message advocating a cause, it gets conveyed loud and clear. Imprinted household items are also high on the list as they are practical for daily use.

Be it a charity event, formal business seminars, conferences or a tradeshow, you can never go wrong with chocolates. Personalized candy tins, chocolates or jelly beans will tickle your customer¡¯s taste buds and will in turn give you your share of sweet success.

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