5 Reasons you must keep your employees happy

Sometimes in business the tried and tested formulae fail to work the wonders they used to; sales stagnate, customers slip away and you have no idea what¡¯s gone wrong. If you are nodding your head reading this then Bob Marley has a useful tip for you. (Yes, I can see you smirking!)Open your eyes¡­ look within! These lyrics from Marley¡¯s ¡®Exodus¡¯ offer the missing link you are looking for. Maybe, you are so engrossed in the race to success that you have left your employees far behind when your shortcut to win the race is to keep them happy. Want to know why?
They are your foot-soldiers Companies may be owned by an individual or two, but running them successfully requires team-effort. Occasional personalized gifts like promotional calendars, stationery will always keep the idea afloat in their head and heart that their company cares for them.

Happy employees = happy customers

They are your contact point with your clients so it is obvious that their professionalism and competence will define your company¡¯s reputation in the market. Let them know that you appreciate their efforts.

Loyalty = dedication

The more genuine your feedback sounds, the deeper will be their loyalty to you. More the loyalty, higher will be their commitment to your company and then greater returns can¡¯t be farther behind, can they?

Promptness translates into performance

A survey conducted Public Agenda Forum has revealed that not even 25 per cent of American workers are working to their full potential. Happy employees are prompt to arrive for work and perform better too. Before your brain starts calculating the monetary costs of their happiness, let me tell you that a pay hike is not the only way to achieve it! Not even a dozen bonuses can compensate the warmth generated by a good word, a sympathetic ear or informal boss-worker chat sessions on anything under the sun.

They give a face to your company

Besides your customers, give business promotional products to your employees too. Gift them customized promotional shirts and they become walking advertisements for your company.

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