7 Reasons Why Promotional Products Are Important For Your Marketing Campaigns!

Promotional Products

Many businesses struggle to find success with their marketing efforts. They spend a lot of money on print and radio ads while ignoring the most economical and personal marketing tool available at their disposal – promotional products.

Let’s start this article with some useful stats served up for us by PPAI:

  • Promo items are ranked as the #1 advertising tool across generations – Millennials, GEN Xers, Baby Boomers, and Silent Generation
  • 7 out of 10 brands consider giveaways effective in reaching their marketing goals
  • 9 out of 10 recipients of giveaways can recall the advertiser
  • 7 out of 10 recipients of giveaways can recall the messaging
  • 82% had a more favorable impression of the brand after receiving a giveaway
  • 81% kept a promotional item for more than a year

The stats above prove how effective promotional items are in striking a chord with the target audience. Featured below are 7 reasons why you should include them in your next marketing campaign.

1. Enhanced customer loyalty

Let’s say you have a steady group of customers who believe in your products and services. What happens if a competitor suddenly introduces offerings that are equally good to yours? What’s stopping your customers from switching over?

Distributing giveaways regularly will help retain customers on a long-term basis. This will help them believe in your brand.

2. Enhanced brand awareness

The most noticeable advantage offered by promotional products is widespread brand awareness. A t-shirt or bag featuring your logo can do a good job of highlighting your brand around town!

3. Increased appreciation and goodwill for the company

Distributing giveaways as gifts or awards generates a lot of appreciation and goodwill, helping your brand gain positive attention from employees/customers.

4. Huge savings over other marketing channels

Promotional products are ranked among the most cost-efficient marketing channels available today. Place a bulk order for thousands of pens and you’ll still have a lot to spare in your marketing budget!

5. Tangible and memorable marketing tool that lasts for years!

A major benefit offered by giveaways is that they are durable and can last years. What’s more, they offer high utility value, ensuring that they remain in focus for a long time. Which other marketing tool offers this form of usability, visibility and longevity?

6. Huge variety of giveaways available to match varied marketing requirements

Want to promote your brand at an exhibition or trade show? Or maybe you want to promote a cause through a social awareness campaign? Or are there some customers you wish to impress? Whatever be the reason, there are a wide collection of giveaways at various price points that can help you get noticed big time around town! Believe in the power of giveaways and take the highway to marketing glory!

7. Gain favorable ROI that lasts years!

The ROI gained on promo items is phenomenal! The longevity associated with this marketing channel will ensure that people remember your brand long after the marketing campaign is over.

Browse through our inventory of more than 10000 items and choose a product that best represents your brand’s values. Ask for advice or marketing tips and we’ll gladly be of help!