Engraving vs Printing: Imprinting that offers long-term brand identity?

Tell me, when you choose promotional items to give as corporate gifts you also give an extra inch of thought about how you will customize them, right? What guides your choice of imprinting process; its cost, the effect it generates or the effect¡¯s durability?For instance an embroidered logo gives an ethnic touch to promotional shirts, an engraved logo lends a classy look to metallic/glass surfaces making seemingly simple-looking promotional products like metal promotional pensor wine glasses seem elegant. Printing is one of the easiest and least expensive methods of imprinting and is perfect if you have a larger quantity of promotional items to customize.The last time we spoke about printing types and their features in Characteristics of Printing: Screen VS Digital Printing, many of you conveyed that you really found it useful (Thanks for that!) So I figured that this time around instead it may be more helpful to compare two processes instead of types of a process! I personally love engraving my logo, it gives a sophisticated look to my promotional products, but my loyalty lies with the printing process too, as its my budget buddy. Know what makes engraving and printing so popular? Read on¡­

Engraving is one of the oldest and most elegant processes for printing, dating back to beginning of 1st Millennium BC and progressed through the European Middle Ages.
Printing first originated in China as a method of printing on textiles and later on paper. Earliest examples of printing on cloth date back to 220 AD.
(Sourced from Wikipedia)
(Sourced from Wikipedia)
It involves etching letters or designs on glass, metal, wood, etc that leaves a permanent imprint on the surface. Its perfect if you want your logo on promotional items to stay longer.
It involves imprinting with the use of ink on fabric, ceramics, plastic, glass, metal, paper. Depending on the type of printing you opt for, durability differs. Not just apparel, promotional bags made of cloth can be easily printed too.
There are three main types of engraving namely; hand-engraving, hand-tracing, and computerized laser engraving.
There are three types of printing namely; screen printing, digital printing and pad printing.
Engraving should be your preferred option if you have simple images in one/two colors
Printing is a better choice if have complex images with multiple colors.
Works best on metal or glass surfaces. Your metallic promotional pens, promotional flashlights look classier if engraved with your logo.
Works best on fabric, paper, ceramics, plastic and most other materials. You can imprint colorful logos on products like promotional shirts, promotional mugs, promotional bags
Costly compared to printing but gives a sharper, long-lasting imprint
Cost-effective compared to engraving but imprint will wear out eventually.

Let¡¯s keep a discussion on imprinting using embroidery or etching for another post, shall we?

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