The true colors of successful branding strategies!

When you see an apple, do you recognize it by its shape or by its color? Never thought so profoundly before gobbling up the fruit, did you! According to an ingenious team of researchers from Vanderbilt University, apparently an area in our brain is divided in such a manner that it responds differently to different colors. This in turn defines how you discern a particular object.

Go a step further and think branding strategies as you read this and you¡¯ll have one of those ¡®Oh why didn¡¯t I think of it before¡¯ moments like I did. Visualize Coca Cola and doesn¡¯t ¡®red¡¯ flood your thoughts or ¡®blue¡¯ when you imagine Facebook? (This is apart from the shape, font etc.)

Take color seriously like the above brands did, and you¡¯ll find brand identity and recall baby steps away. Find out why some colors work and how can you use them:

Blue ¨C It represents calmness, integrity and stability. No wonder then its the most popular color preferred by businesses. Use it in your business cards, office d¨¦cor, brochures to convey the ¡®you can trust us¡¯ message.
Red ¨C It represents the color of danger, excitement, and passion. Use this color to imprint your logo on the promotional items and rest assured, it will keep drawing attention to your brand.
Orange ¨C It represents enthusiasm and its vibrancy is guaranteed to enhance your brand identity. Use it for your banners and your marketing message will be communicated loud and clear.
Green ¨C It represents prosperity or money. Sending mailers about how your low prices facilitate savings, write it in green. Want to portray your company as eco-friendly? Give your office, office stationery, promotional items a green tone.
White ¨C It represents peace and simplicity. Pick this color while gifting promotional shirts or assigning uniforms to your employees, and not only will they use it as formal wear, your logo will look the brightest too.
Black ¨C It represents seriousness and no-nonsense boldness and is the preferred color while stating facts. Use it while writing your website or brochure content and the readers will believe in you and your services. If in white, they convey simplicity, promotional shirts in black convey style.

So there! Why stick to drabness when you can add a dash of color to your branding strategies, right?

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