What and How of Brand Essence in small business advertising

¡®Have skin as soft as a baby¡¯s¡¯¡­ No images need to accompany this slogan; the power of imagination has already won over the women. Not surprising then that many Chinese women have begun taking a collagen drink ¨C the product this ad campaign endorses ¨C which promises women youthful ¡®super smooth¡¯ skin with every sip!

Small business advertising like this, which immediately leads you to imagine the caress of an infant¡¯s cheek against your own, works because it achieves instant connect with the target group. In business jargon, this connectivity facilitator is called Brand Essence.

For those of you who hate jargon, the simplest definition I can rake up is this. Brand Essence is that aspect/s in a brand which causes the audience to sit up and take notice, to believe that it is him/her whom the brand is meant for.

So what makes a brand tick? Why do loyalists swear by it? What about a brand convinces them that ¡®this is it¡¯ before they agree to buy a product or a service? Too many questions? Let me simplify.
In a nutshell: What makes up ¡®brand essence¡¯ and how to spread it?

I know what you are thinking and No – the slogan is just one of the aspects that conveys the story of your brand. In short, it¡¯s a tool for brand recall. For me brand essence is about these:

  • Whether your brand is relevant for diverse categories of your target group.
  • Whether it fulfills their need and is affordable.
  • Whether your brand wins the competition race.
  • Whether the products you offer and the ideals you uphold appeal to your target audience.
  • Whether the affinity for your brand surpasses beyond individual products or services you offer and the audience likes what you represent as a whole. For example, promotional giveaways that are useful instead of mere promotional show pieces are ideal ways to express the value every business upholds, that of keeping customers happy.
  • Whether what your brand invokes strong enough for your employees to believe in it and promote it. Business promotional products can be good ways of showing the ¡®you care¡¯ aspect to your clients and employees.

Ensure all the aspects of your brand embody the essence of your brand. Sloganeering is not enough; ensure that every aspect of your small business advertising activity embodies what your brand symbolizes.

Event promotions like tradeshows, seminars, and exhibitions are hotspots to get new clients. Simple things like the demeanor of your staff, promotional giveaways you distribute can convey your brand essence.

Brand essence is the core of your brand¡¯s existence. Can¡¯t be captured and can¡¯t not be communicated. What are you waiting for? Give your clients a whiff of it and win them over. Now!

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