Going Green ¡­ Going good! Knowing Green Chemistry!

California Governor Arnold Schwartznegger may be thinking that acting probably is the best thing that happened to him and politics the worst! Two years after he raised hopes among environment lovers by passing two bills supporting an intensive green chemistry?programme, Arnie in a turnaround began supporting a new set of watered down rules that citizens claim will fail the ¡®reduction of toxic chemicals in consumer products¡¯ cause.

Not sure what Green Chemistry means? Let me explain. ?For example; do you consider what and what quantities of chemicals go into the products you buy¡­ be it any products for your company, promotional products like promotional bags, promotional pens to gift your clients or even day-to-day products like promotional sanitizers that you buy for your company. Green Chemistry is a process that comprises initiatives to lessen or purge negative environmental impacts.

Embrace the green principle and you¡¯ll see that you don¡¯t need statutes to do what you believe in. You can start on a simpler basis by using eco-friendly products that are bio-degradable.

Use eco-friendly stationery. Every office needs notepads or jotters so why not combine your need with your cause. I personally use the Economy Recycled Jotter and Bic¡¯s Recycled Notepads. They aren¡¯t even that costly. Today, there are Recycled Paper Pencils and promotional pens like the Recycled Eco-Friendly promotional pens available too and as if to stress that the smallest of things can make a difference, there are tiny eco-friendly paper flags and matchbook flags available. Amaaazing!

You should definitely let your clients know you are a Green supporter. Give them eco-friendly promotional products like biodegradable bottles and instead of regular promotional bags send them your annual report or samples of your products in eco-friendly bags like the Eco-Therm-O-Tote or the Eco Little Thunder Tote Bag.

Rope in your employees too! Spreading the green message by giving them eco-friendly promotional products is not enough. Inform them about the importance of going green and inspire them to be green supporters as well.

Tradeshows can be a good way to spread your brand popularity and your green message. Distribute giveaways that are eco-friendly like LED lights or Recycled Paper Pencils.

Arnie may have changed his course, and Green Chemistry may be a concept that is yet to establish a hold on the majority of the world, but just like tiny eco-friendly paper flags are helping to make a difference, you can too!

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