All You Need To Know About Mobile Marketing For Small Businesses


There are more than 290 million smartphone users in the USA. This stat highlights why mobile marketing is an indispensable ally for marketers. Look around and you will notice that most people are glued to their smartphone screens. They use these devices to communicate, socialize, shop, read, learn, or enjoy quality entertainment. Ensuring your brand is accessible on their handheld devices is probably the easiest and most effective way to excel in the business world.

Mobile marketing refers to advertising activities that promote a service or product through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It utilizes modern mobile-based technology such as location services to customize marketing campaigns based on the user’s location.

Mobile Marketing strategies often revolve around the following:

  1. Text Message Marketing

It sends promotions, coupons, deals, and alerts through text messages that are below 160 characters. This strategy is permission-based and should avoid appearing spammy because a lot of mobile users dislike text-based marketing on their phones.

  1. Social Media

Millions of Americans use their smartphones to log into their social media accounts. Here are the most popular sites in the USA:

  1. Facebook (169 million users)
  2. Instagram (121 million users)
  3. Facebook Messenger (106 million users)
  4. Twitter (81 million users)
  5. Pinterest (66 million users)
  6. Reddit (47 million users)
  7. Snapchat (45 million users)

Your business probably already has a presence on these sites but are your promotions and posts mobile-friendly? Reach out to your target audience with mobile-friendly posts and paid advertisements for maximum impact.

  1. Location-based Marketing (GPS)

Marketers experience considerable success when they pursue location-based marketing. For example, you can promote a local restaurant among those who are already in the area, encouraging them to make a visit.

  1. Videos

Integrate videos in your website and social media posts to boot customer engagement. There are higher chances of your target audience engaging with your brand after viewing a video rather than focusing on the text.

  1. In-App and On-site Support

Why not provide pleasant customer support that’s easy to access on mobiles? Opt for a Live Chat feature on your site or support within your app to ensure that customers get speedy relief.

  1. Personalized campaigns

You probably have access to customer data. Why not use it to plan a personalized campaign? Add their names to the promotional material to add an extra marketing appeal to your efforts. Your target audience will appreciate this effort.

Here are some tips to make an immediate impact from a mobile-platform perspective:

  1. Ensure your primary website is mobile-friendly and that it can be viewed on a variety of handheld devices, including smartphones and tablets.
  2. Get featured on local directories like Google My Business. These sites are often frequented by mobile users looking for local information.
  3. We mentioned making your site mobile-friendly earlier. It’s important to highlight here that your site should be navigation-friendly so that users can easily switch between pages.
  4. Add QR code functionality to your site or mobile app so that product information can be accessed quickly through a smartphone.
  5. Introduce mobile apps that allow your target audience to access a range of products and services.
  6. Use multiple channels to gain maximum returns from your mobile marketing efforts.

We hope this article encourages you to look beyond the desktop or PC-based marketing and embrace mobile marketing in a big way. Do share your experiences with mobile marketing in the comment box below. For more tips, get in touch with the Promo Direct team at