7 Giveaway Categories Under $1 To Choose From


It’s 2022 and a lot of American businesses are still reeling under pressure from the impact of COVID-19. We realize that a lot of businesses are looking for useful giveaways under $1 that are capable of having a reliable marketing impact in 2022.

We have made things easier for you at Promo Direct with our Promotional Items Under $1 category. These products offer maximum brand recall at the lowest prices. You will be amazed at the range of products on offer on our website, from bags and technology items to stationery, food, and toys.

Let’s look at some of these categories and recommended buys:

1. Bags

We have a range of plastic and paper bags that can be customized and used to distribute giveaways and other goodies to your customers and employees. Some recommendations include our eco-friendly selections Eco Shopper-Pup Paper Bag and 7×10 Merchandise Paper Bag – Foil Imprint.

2. Pens

Our pens are colorful, sleek, and extremely good-looking! They write well and last for years. The best part about our pens is that they are immensely likeable and offer amazing ROI. For example, the Bic® Clic Stic is available at a bulk price of $.26. Other recommended products include the PaperMate® InkJoy 300 RT, Dart Color Pen, and Tri-Stic Pen.

3. Drinkware

Our collection of inexpensive drinkware products will serve your target audience well. They are durable and great to drink from! Examples include disposable cups such as 8 oz. Paper Cup and 16 oz. Foam Cup. We also have a selection of can coolers/coolies for you to choose from.

4. Technology accessories

Our tech accessories include microfiber cloths, webcam covers, and stylus pens. Recommended buys include the Souvenir® Story Stylus Pen, Privacy Guy Webcam Cover, and Large Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.

5. Candy & Food

Want some delicious giveaways to impress your target audience? How about Miniature Hershey Singles or Hershey Kiss Singles? We also have mints and candy boxes for you to choose from.

6. Calendars

A lot of our customers find it hard to believe that we have calendars under $1. These calendars are of stick-up and magnetic varieties. Examples include the Stick-Up Calendars-PhoneStick-Up Calendars (Thank You), and Budget Marble Monthly Planner.

7. Toys & Novelties

We have a range of fun giveaways your target audience will love to receive! These products are fun to own and include the Puzzler Pen, Saturn 7″ Flying Disk, Maze Pen, and Metallic Beaded Mardi Gras Necklaces. 


Get in touch with us if you need more promotional product ideas. We look forward to personalizing your orders soon.