All You Need To Know About Full Color Imprint Promotional Products


Most promotional products use at least one color imprint, which is a single ink color printed on an item or pushed across a screen. Depending on the artwork and the promotional product, you can add extra colors to personalize the product to your taste.

A full color imprint is when an image is printed on a product’s surface with the help of a 4-color printer (Magenta, Cyan, Black & Yellow). It prints the image in the likeness of a photograph, as opposed to individually laying down colors as observed in one-color imprint processes.

Here is why full color promotional products are indispensable:

  1. They often occupy massive imprint areas and provide great visual appeal. They are pleasant on the eyes and recipients will proudly showcase these giveaways to family and friends!
  2. They have high perceived value and look more expensive than how much it cost you to produce. Recipients will begin to have a good impression of your business and will seek your products or services more often.
  3. They offer endless artwork possibilities. If you opt for a single-color imprint, you will have to choose from a pre-determined list of ink colors for an item. If you need a specific or extra color that complements your branding, you need to request for a special ink at an extra charge. Full-color imprints provide you the freedom to experiment with colors while personalizing products.

Here are some full-colored products you can invest in:

  1. Bags: Promotional bags are quite large in size and offer a decent imprint area to cleverly highlight your logo. Recommended options include:
  1. Drinkware: Quality logo imprint drinkware will be owned and used by your recipients for years. They are likely to be taken to work, ensuring that your brand gets visibility wherever your target audience goes. Recommended options include:
  1. Calendars: It’s January 2022 and no list is complete without trendy promotional calendars. Get 24/7 visibility 365 days a year with them! Recommended options include:
  1. Personal Care: We are still recovering from the pandemic. It makes sense to invest in low-cost healthcare/personal care giveaways to show your caring side. Recommended options include:
  1. Office Items: Office giveaways have always been a massive hit with target audiences. Why not personalize some useful and long-lasting giveaways that can become regulars at workplaces? Recommended options include:

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