8 Tips & 10 Giveaway Ideas To Impress Clients!

Impress Clients

Many businesses try really hard to impress their clients. And there’s a reason for this. Most clients receive a variety of goodies from your competitors. They are used to being pampered and expect the very best from you!

So, it’s vital that you opt for giveaways that exude class, utility value, and longevity! At Promo Direct, we help our buyers choose the right products every year, ensuring that they make a connection with their target audience.

Through this article, we will provide useful tips to ensure that you are a step ahead of competitors. We have also listed 10 giveaway ideas that can connect with clients. So let’s get started, shall we!

1. Get to know your client well
How well do you know your client? It’s important that you go the extra mile to understand their likes and dislikes. Most clients are businesses with established websites and social media pages. Scour through them for the latest updates. This will help you become more knowledgeable about their products or services. This, in turn, will give you a picture of the kind of promotional products they will love receiving.

2. Liaise efficiently with a target at their end
It’s important to be on good terms with a representative from the client. This could be somebody from management or marketing. The target should be someone who wields a certain amount of authority within the business.

3. Become an expert on your own products or services
There are times when marketers who provide clients with business gifts have little or no words to speak about their own products. How do you expect clients to trust you if you don’t know your products well? Perform a thorough research on your products and showcase yourself a confident individual who can serve as the perfect ambassador for your brand!

4. Study competitors
It’s important to know what kind of giveaways competitors rely on to win customers. Keep a tab on their marketing arsenal to arrive at suitable promo giveaways for your brand.

5. Arrive at a budget
Setting aside a budget will help to ensure you spend the right way. This will also help to measure the ROI on the gifting.

6. Don’t go for something that’s too expensive or cheap
Spending a lot on a giveaway may send across a wrong signal. It comes off as a desperate attempt to buy their business. The best way ahead is to choose a product that strikes the right balance between usefulness and value.

7. Choose the right time to give away the business gift
The success of a business gift lies in its timing. It’s important to choose a timing that is unexpected. It adds an element of surprise to proceedings and will win hearts. You could time your gifts with big milestones or deal closures. You could also give them away to mark special holidays.

8. Add a personal touch
This is a trick most businesses miss. A personal touch can be added by giving the gift in person or by accompanying the gift with a handwritten note. It shows how much you care about the client.

9. And finally, don’t violate any company gifting policies
If you have made up your mind on choosing an expensive giveaway, then you should make sure it doesn’t violate gifting policies (your company’s and that of the client’s). There are chances that the client may not accept the gift if it isn’t commercially appropriate by their standards.

We leave you with some classy giveaways that should definitely be a part of your marketing strategy:

  1. Field & Co. Compu-Messenger Bag
  2. Pen & Pewter Keychain Set
  3. Essential Perfect Tech Set
  4. Luxe Renegade Pen Set
  5. BBQ Set
  6. 27 oz. Impulse Tumbler
  7. Graphite Deluxe 15″ Computer Backpack
  8. Built2Work Flashlight 22 Piece Tool Set
  9. Harriton® 8 oz. Full-Zip Fleece
  10. Winter Combo Set With Custom Box

Ask for more giveaway ideas and we’ll gladly help! You can also get in touch with us for small business marketing tips that can take your brand in the right direction. We look forward to hearing from you soon!