5 Things You’re Missing Out On By Avoiding Promotional Products

Promotional Products

More than two decades ago, thousands of businesses across the globe realized the marketing potential offered by promotional products. There are companies that set aside a significant portion of their marketing budget for promotional items. They believe in the marketing prowess offered by giveaways and are willing to go the extra mile to keep their target audience happy.

On the other hand, there is still a sizeable chunk of companies that have never invested in promotional giveaways. Most of these companies are small businesses who are not sure about the marketing direction they should go in. They are wary of competitors and don’t realize the potential giveaways have in helping them march ahead of the competition.

Are you among the businesses that have never invested in a promotional product? If yes, then this article is dedicated to you. We are going to highlight what you are missing on by not opting for promotional items. So, let’s begin!

1. You are missing out on a budget-friendly channel to highlight your business

A lot of the products in our inventory are bulk priced at less than a dollar. Perfect examples include colorful and excellent writing instruments from BIC such as:

These pens write well and have excellent visual appeal – you can count on them to highlight your brand well. What’s more, the low pricing ensures that you can purchase hundreds of these pens without causing a dent to your marketing budget!

2. You are missing out on classy business gifts

Let’s make this clear – clients love receiving business gifts! You should keep them pampered with useful gifts that will impress them. A business gift will ensure that clients stay by your side for years!

Some examples of our popular business gifts include:

3. You are missing out on a tangible way to highlight your brand

A TV or radio ad doesn’t have the same appeal as a giveaway because your target audience can hold and feel the giveaway shared by you. This is a unique feeling that cannot be replicated by any other marketing channel. So, opt for this marketing channel if you need something tangible to highlight your brand!

4. You are missing out on walking billboards!

Walking billboards???

Yes, you heard right! Opt for bags or tees as marketing giveaways and watch as recipients flaunt your brand around town! These products offer an impressive imprint area – there is no way passerby will miss your branding. Which other marketing channel offers “billboards” at such low pricing?

Here are some recommended “Walking Billboards”:

5. You are missing out on amazing ROI!

We mentioned earlier that giveaways are priced very low. This will ensure that you can launch effective and inexpensive marketing campaigns. Another thing we didn’t mention above is that giveaways are likely to be retained by customers for many months and even years. This ensures that you get amazing visibility whenever a recipient looks at a product imprinted by you.

Have we succeeded in convincing you about the wonders of giveaways? If yes, head over to our site and choose from over 7000 promotional products in our inventory. We are confident that you’ll be back with more reorders over a period of time.

Happy Shopping and have a nice day! We look forward to hearing from you soon!