7 Desirable Giveaways For College Or University Students

A lot of businesses find it difficult to pick the right giveaways for college or university students. This is because students are often hard to impress. They are not looking for cheap giveaways that will need to be disposed of quickly. They prefer receiving usable giveaways that can be put to use throughout their college life.

At Promo Direct, we have been helping clients establish a connection with college students through useful and high-quality giveaways. These products also offer high utility value, allowing students to showcase your brand wherever they are. Let’s go through 7 such promotional products below. All these products are economically priced and will do a great job of highlighting your brand among a young target audience.

1. 34 oz. Thunder Sports Bottle

34 oz. Thunder Sports Bottle

This bottle is high on visual appeal and will impress students. It is a desirable giveaway with a 34 oz. capacity. Made of Tritan® Plastic, this product will help students stay hydrated on the go!





2. 42″ Arc Telescopic Umbrella

Arc Telescopic Umbrella

Help students withstand harsher elements of nature with this sturdy umbrella! Featuring polyester material, this umbrella will feature your imprint on one panel. A matching sleeve is provided to store the umbrella when not in use. Recipients will proudly carry this umbrella to school, whether it’s rain, sunshine or snow!




3. Drawstring Sport Pack

Drawstring Sport Pack

Drawstring bags are probably the most distributed giveaways among students. Unfortunately, most bags given away are low on quality and have to be discarded soon. Not this one. This sport pack is made of 210D polyester and is highly durable. It features a pull string closure with a mesh front pocket, a slip front pocket, and a pen loop. Students will find this product great to own!




4. District Made® Mens Perfect Tri® V-Neck Tee (White)

District Made® Mens Perfect Tri® V-Neck Tee (White)

This v-neck tee will be a hit among students! Featuring a tear-away tag and made of extra soft material, this tee will proudly showcase your logo!





5. Mini – 2200mAh Power Bank

Mini - 2200mAh Power Bank

This 2200mAh power bank features a plastic exterior and is built to last years. Recipients will love to carry this compact tech giveaway wherever they go, providing amazing visibility for your brand. It comes with 1 micro USB IN port, 1 regular USB OUT port, an ON button LED indicator light and a micro to regular USB cable.




6. Neon Sunglasses

Neon Sunglasses

This pair of sunglasses will quickly grab attention! Featuring ultraviolet-protective lenses with UV 400 rating, this product can be used to protect eyes from the bright sun. It also floats in water! And don’t forget the style quotient it provides your brand!




7. Diamond Aluminum PopSocket

Diamond Aluminum PopSocket

The Diamond Aluminum PopSocket has a grip that features a 3-dimensional bevel cut. It is available in beautiful gemstone colors, including Sapphire, Ruby, Silver, and Emerald. This product sticks flat to the back of a phone, tablet or case. It comes with a rinsable and repositionable gel. It can also serve as a handy media stand!




We hope you found these products interesting. If yes, place an order immediately! Need more promotional item ideas? Proceed to our site and choose from more than 7000 giveaways! Ask us for marketing tips and we’ll gladly be of help!