8 Bag Categories To Choose From In 2022!

It doesn’t take long to understand why bags are so popular as promotional giveaways. They rank as high as pens, t-shirts and mugs as desirable products people would love to receive as gifts.

The main advantage offered by bags is the large imprint area – there is no way passersby are going to miss your logo and tagline on bags! Bags are also spacious and provide a convenient way to help your target audience move their belongings from point A to B.

The purpose of this article is to highlight the 8 bag categories (along with a few recommended choices) available at Promo Direct. All these business promotional products come in a range of sizes – pick the right category to suit your marketing needs.


 Our tote bags are large and unfastened with durable, parallel handles emerging from the sides. They are mostly used for carrying shopping items. They are also used as a reusable alternative to plastic shopping bags. We have 3 further categories of totes available at Promo Direct.

2.Travel bags

 These bags are ideal for carrying a range of items in comfort while your recipients travel to work, the gym or another country! These bags are durable enough to withstand the impact of traveling long distances. Examples include:

3.Travel wallets

 Our travel wallets are exclusively designed to house the documentation required for traveling, along with providing safe space to store currency and cards. Examples include:

4.Lunch bags

 Our lunch bags are insulated and rely on the vacuum produced between the inner and outer layers to prevent energy dissipation. These bags do a fine job of keeping food warm or cold, thanks to a central layer made of foam. The thicker the foam, the greater the insulation. Examples include:

5.Laptop & tablet bags

Our laptop bags feature a laptop sleeve that is slightly bigger than average laptops. These bags are designed to protect laptops from scratches, bumps, water and dust during everyday use. Recipients will appreciate these bags and definitely carry them to work. Examples include:


There is no doubt that backpacks are hugely popular among a wide range of target audiences. They look good and are great to carry around town. All our backpacks are spacious and can do your branding efforts a world of good. They can be used to carry a range of personal belongings, including laptops. Examples include:

7.Messenger bags

Messenger bags have similar functionality as backpacks, and are designed to ensure comfort for people carrying heavy items, while providing easy access to contents. Examples include:

8.Cooler bags

Cooler bags can keep beverages and food fresh and cool wherever your recipients take them. You could opt for cooler totes, 6-pack coolers or backpack coolers. Our cooler bags are high on technology and utility value, ensuring high marketing value for your brand. Examples include:

We hope this article helps you choose the right bag for your brand. Get in touch with us for more marketing ideas and we will definitely help you. We look forward to hearing from you soon.