5 Marketing Ideas For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Every year, people across the globe observe October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is an annual campaign that spreads awareness about the disease. We invite you to join the cause and help women in distress today.

Breast cancer refers to uncontrolled cell growth, resulting in the formation of lumps inside the breast. It is treatable but can become a life-threatening disease if not detected early. Without timely treatment, there is a high risk of cancerous cells spreading to other organs of the body.

A diagnosis of breast cancer triggers multiple adverse reactions in women. They begin to show symptoms of depression, anxiety, pain, and fatigue, apart from experiencing social isolation and sexuality concerns. They need our constant support to overcome this adversity.

You should be careful while associating your brand with Breast Cancer Awareness – many businesses exploit this sensitive cause for their marketing benefits. Here are 5 marketing tips to ensure your Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign positively impacts people in the local community.

  1. Introduce a “Wear Pink Day” for every week in October

Ask employees (male and female) to wear pink on designated days. Take photos and share them on social media along with hashtags such as #breastcancer and #cancerawareness. You could also distribute pins (Celluloid Button (3″ Diameter), 2 1/4″ Round Button with Pin) and silicone bracelets (Silicone Slap Bracelet, Printed Wristbands 1/2″) among employees to show your association with the campaign.

  1. Introduce a pink-themed photo booth

Create a cancer awareness photo booth that allows employees to have some fun at work. Add fun pink props to make the moment more special. Encourage employees to add these photos to social media to spread awareness about the campaign.

  1. Distribute prevention information

Link your business with breast cancer prevention and gain some quality goodwill. You could personalize a product such as the Tri-fold Brochure and fill it with useful breast cancer information on risk factors, self-exams and mammograms.

  1. Distribute exciting giveaways

Let Promo Direct help you spread the word about early detection and breast cancer prevention. We have a large collection of awareness giveaways that can serve as inspirational gifts. These products will appeal to participants in charitable runs or walks and group events. They can also be distributed as winning fundraiser items and health fair handouts.

Some recommended giveaways include:

  1. Organize a fundraiser

Give employees and customers the opportunity to be a part of a worthy cause. Collaborate with local charities and host a fundraiser that helps raise funding for breast cancer awareness. Ensure that you invite guests well in advance. A hand-written note can do a good job of inspiring donors.

Need more marketing ideas for Breast Cancer Awareness Month? We could also recommend some exciting pink color-themed giveaways to make your awareness campaign extra special. Feel free to get in touch with us at info@promodirect.com or 1-800-748-6150.