7 Ideas To Promote Your Business During New Year 2018

The beginning of a new year is an ideal time for small businesses to look back and review the year gone by. Some questions that companies often deal with are of the following nature:

  • “How many milestones – minor or major – were achieved?”
  • “How satisfied are customers or clients with the services offered”
  • “Are employees a happy lot?”

Another question lingering on a lot of minds focuses on marketing efforts – “How successful were the marketing efforts deployed in 2017?”

This article focuses on ensuring that marketing efforts in 2018 are better than the year gone by. Go through the New Year business promotion ideas below to get started.

1. Focus on establishing relationships with the target audience

Let 2018 be a new start for your business – focus on establishing an emotional connection that’s based on trust with your target audience. You can achieve this through blog posts, social media posts, and press releases. Try to make your presence felt online and your target audience will definitely sit up and take notice of your brand.

2. Update your company’s marketing collateral

Has it been a long time since your company’s marketing collateral received an updation? If yes, then it’s time to hit the refresh button! Review existing collateral (brochures, web content, visual aids, sales scripts, data sheets, white papers and other promotional material) and identify areas of improvement.

This will help you start 2018 with a new marketing face.

3. Launch exciting contests

An appealing contest will help generate a lot of positivity for your brand during the New Year. For example, you could ask followers to share their favorite New Year photographs. Give away prizes based on pre-determined criteria to ensure there is no foul play.

4. Launch a New Year limited time discount

For a lot of businesses, things tend to be sluggish at the beginning of the year. It’s important to kick-start marketing efforts with a bang by offering irresistible discounts. For example, introduce a coupon code and publicize it on your site. Prospective clients will rush to seek your services if they find the discount appealing.

Analyze competition for discount offers before arriving at the right offer.

5. Invest in useful giveaways

Distribute giveaways at trade shows, events and exhibitions. Opt for giveaways that are high on utility value and visibility. For example, the calendars available on our site are capable marketing tools that will help you leap ahead of competition!

6. Send personalized New Year’s emailers or snail cards

A lot of businesses go the traditional route by sending greetings during the festive season. Personalized emails or cards help recipients realize that they are not forgotten!

7. Throw a New Year’s party

A party is a great idea to establish new business relationships while securing old ones. Ensure that great food, music, and conversations play an active role during the party.

We hope these ideas propel your business to greater marketing success in 2018. Contact us if you need any marketing advice and we will gladly be of help!

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