5 Must-Have Promo Healthcare Items for National Handwashing Week

Harmful germs reside in the most unlikely of places! They find refuge in the objects used by family members and friends – there is high probability you could come in contact with these germs. It’s important to avoid contracting illnesses such as adenovirus and hand-foot-mouth disease. It’s also important to stop spreading germs to others. For this, it is essential to wash your hands with clean running water and soap several times a day.

The significance of handwashing was clearly demonstrated during the recent outbreak of Hepatitis A in San Diego. Handwashing stations were among the different sanitation measures introduced to prevent further spreading of the disease.

Did you know that:

Every year, National Handwashing Week is celebrated in December to increase awareness about the risk of infection and personal hygiene. This year, it will be observed from 3rd December to 9th December. If you’re planning on using this opportunity to spread awareness among your customers or employees, the following promotional healthcare items are a must-have:

1. 1/2 oz. Flat Hand Sanitizer

While soap and water should be used as often as needed, they aren’t always available while on the move. Over the years, sanitizers have emerged as great alternatives. This bottle of half-ounce sanitizer can easily fit in a pocket or purse, making it easy to accompany recipients wherever they go. In addition, it also contains aloe moisturizer to prevent the hands from drying out.

2. Spirit Hand Sanitizer

Spirit Hand Sanitizer comes with a spray mechanism making it even more convenient to use. Moreover, it is very economically priced. So, if you’re working with a limited budget, then it makes for a great option.

3. Sanitizer Wipes to Go

These sanitizer wipes will be highly appreciated and encourage recipients to keep their hands clean. This product includes 30 alcohol-free antibacterial wipes that can kill 99% of the germs. A metal bead chain ensures that the product can be attached to bags or belt loops for easy access.

4. 10 Piece Hand Sanitizer First Aid Kit

These kits have all the tools a person would need for basic first kid. The zippered pouch contains:

  • 3 Standard Size Latex Free Bandages
  • 1 Small Size Latex Free Bandage
  • 1 Antiseptic Towelette
  • 1 Moist Towelette
  • 2 Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Packets
  • 1 Triple Antibiotic Ointment
  • First Aid Guide

It will help in disinfecting the hands in absence of clean water and in case of minor injuries.

5. Beach Necessities Tin

Beaches are fun but they also get the hands dirty. This beach necessities tin box has all the essentials for a beach trip. With this promotional item, you can give your customers sun protection along with clean hands. It comes with:

  • 2 sunscreen lotions
  • 1 lip moisturizer
  • 2 instant hand sanitizers
  • 2 Lens Cleaner Wipes
  • 1 skin lotion
  • 2 burn gels

Make the most of National Handwashing Month this December and create awareness about the benefits of handwashing. The healthcare promotional items listed above will keep your staff, clients, or patients healthy while giving you excellent logo exposure. If you need any help with your order or wish to look for a promotional giveaway to integrate with your campaign, feel free to contact us.

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