5 Awesome B2B Holiday Campaigns That Blew Our Minds

The holiday season is a time filled with joy and the festive spirit! It’s also one of the best times of the year to be part of the marketing industry. After all, that’s when we see the year’s most innovative and impressive marketing campaigns! While B2C companies often steal the show, it can be tricky for B2B companies to execute a creative holiday-themed campaign.

Nevertheless, some B2B brands know exactly how to make a mark and pull off some absolutely brilliant promotions. Here are 5 B2B holiday marketing campaigns that will provide you with all the inspiration you need for your own holiday marketing ideas:

1. WeWork

WeWork is a company that rents out co-working spaces for organizations that don’t wish to buy their own. Last year, during their ‘#wwgiftguide’ campaign, they published a number of gift guides ranging from “Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts with a Personal Touch” to “Holiday Gift Guide: Best Last-Minute Gifts”.

What’s more, each of their 7 gift guides featured products from WeWork’s member companies, supporting the community they are very proud of. People were encouraged to tweet what they were gifting with the hash tag #wwgiftguide and this campaign gained a lot of attention. You can check out their gift guides here.

2. HubSpot

HubSpot is known to use their “sometimes nice, sometimes naughty” unicorn mascot, Hu, for their campaigns. The ‘#HoHoHubspot’ campaign was no exception. The company released a series of witty ecards and a video spoof of the holiday classic “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” that had inbound marketing-themed lyrics. The campaign was well-received and appealed to a broad audience.

3. Zendesk

Most B2B companies come off as too formal. Zendesk threw that perception out of the window and showed the world their human side (and impeccable sense of humor) with their ‘Holiday 2.0’ campaign. With a video spoof of the TV show The Office, they made fun of startup clichés and marketing buzzwords. This campaign was refreshing and we loved their execution!

Check out the video for yourself:

4. Uberflip

This is another amazing video on this list. Uberflip took a content marketing take on the Charles Dicken’s classic, The Christmas Carol – and it’s something you don’t want to miss. The video features Mr. Shmitty, a content marketer, who goes through the past, present, and future of the profession to find its true meaning.

Watch the video here.


CISCO, the networking software firm, launched a massively popular charitable holiday campaign called ‘How Do You Give Back’. The campaign encouraged Facebook users to share how they gave back to their community. For every comment, CISCO donated four meals to the World Food Program. This campaign generated social engagement on a scale that B2B brands don’t usually enjoy.

So, which promotions are you planning to do this holiday season? If you’re considering giving away promotional products, contact us and we’ll find you the best swag to augment your holiday marketing campaign. But, whatever you do, remember to have a lot of fun and be merry.

Happy Holidays!

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