6 Cost-Effective Giveaways For World Heart Day

World Heart Day

Research by the American Heart Association and other recognized bodies such as Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health have thrown up some alarming stats. Did you know that cardiovascular diseases accounted for nearly 850,000 deaths in the USA last year? Or that an average of 2,300 Americans die every day from heart disease? Cardiovascular diseases are responsible for more deaths every year than all cancers and respiratory diseases combined!

World Heart Day is an international campaign organized by the World Heart Foundation on September 29 every year. The goal is to spread awareness about cardiovascular diseases and promote preventative measures to reduce the risk of heart diseases.

On World Heart Day, Governments and businesses observe the event with public talks, fun runs, concerts, and sporting events. Health checks and fitness sessions are also held to ensure people get the message.

You should opt for heart-themed promotional giveaways to ensure your business stands out on World Heart Day. Customers and employees will appreciate the fact that you are going the extra mile to highlight the importance of good heart health. Featured below are inexpensive and useful heart-themed promotional products that will spread your message far and wide!

1. Emissary Click Pen – Heart Themed

Emissary Click Pen - Heart Themed

This retractable ballpoint pen features a curvy plastic barrel. It comes with heart-themed stock art. It also features metallic silver accents and comes with high-quality black ink. This product will showcase your awareness campaign in style!




2. Power Clip Heart

Power Clip Heart

This heart-shaped clip features a strong magnet for superior holding power. It also has real rubber handles that provide an awesome feel. This clip can spread awareness and highlight your brand well at homes and offices.




3. Ceramic Ornament

Ceramic Ornament

The Ceramic Ornament comes in a variety of shapes. The heart shape is popular with our buyers and can serve your brand well for World Heart Day. It is made of high-quality ceramic and features a glossy finish. Each ornament comes with an attached gray cord. This product comes packed in a soft velveteen tray and a shimmering silver box!




4. Heart-Shaped Pencil

Heart Shaped Pencil

This pencil has high visual appeal. We’ve noticed that a lot of recipients retain these pencils as souvenirs from events, giving it a special place at the home or office. Your brand will gain quality visibility with these pencils!




5. Heart Shape Gel Beads Hot/Cold Pack

Heart Shape Gel Beads Hot or Cold Pack

This therapeutic gel pack applies heat or cold to sore muscles. It is microwave and freezer safe. It is also reusable and non-toxic.




6. Valentine Heart Stress Reliever

Valentine Heart Stress Reliever

This heart-shaped stress reliever is made of Polyurethane Foam and great for relieving stress. Recipients can use this stress reliever to fight stress and remember your brand often!




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