11 Exciting Back-To-School Items Students Will Love To Own!

back to school

Make the new school year more fun and exciting for students with back to school promotional items from Promo Direct! Provide returning students with cute and desirable toys and school supplies while promoting your brand at the same time.

You will notice that the items featured below are a mix of recreational products and stationery kids will love to own. We added recreational items to the list because we realized that a lot of kids love receiving plush toys, puzzles and games as Back To School Gifts.

The best part of these products is that not just the kids but the parents will notice them as well! All the products featured below are priced low and will fit within most marketing budgets. Feel free to mix some of them together to bolster your marketing efforts!

1. Wild Bunch Key Holder

Wild Bunch Key Holder

Students will love this keyholder! It features a lobster claw that firmly hooks itself to a small ring. Kids will love attaching this keyring to their bags and using it to pull zippers!

There are several cute animals to choose from. These include a bulldog, a bunny, a cow, a duck, an eagle, an elephant, a frog and lots more – the list is endless! You even get to choose the color of the t-shirt for this cute animal!

2. Tangle® Junior Puzzle

Tangle® Junior Puzzle

Made of ABS plastic, this puzzle toy can twist and turn to form endless shapes! You can get your logo imprinted on one or all of the 4 rings. Kids will love playing with this fun toy during their spare time! What’s more, it’s available in a range of exciting colors that will grab attention in quick time!

3. Mood Fun Guy Pen

Mood Fun Guy Pen

This click pen will bring about a lot of smiles in classrooms and homes! Featuring a plunge head and a clip that resembles a tie and collar, this pen is available in hugely popular colors. The best part is that the barrel changes color with heat from the student’s hand. Kids will love showing off this wonderful pen!

4. Bubble Pen Necklace

Bubble Pen Necklace

These bubble pens come with a neck cord and a bubble wand. Kids will love wearing these pens around their necks. Unique and colorful, they will quickly grab attention among peers!

5. Heart Shaped Pencil

Heart Shaped Pencil

Made in the USA, this heart-shaped pencil features #2 lead and an eraser. Slim and available in a range of metallic colors, this pencil will turn heads at school. What’s more, they write well and can do a good job of highlighting your brand.

6. JoBee Translucent Deluxe School Kit

JoBee Translucent Deluxe School Kit

This school kit features 2 Jo-Bee Miser Round Pencils, a Jo-Bee Round Eraser, a Jo-Bee 6″ Plastic Ruler and a pencil sharpener. Your logo’s imprint will appear on the case, ruler and pencils.

7. 25 oz. Aluminum Bike Bottle

25 oz. Aluminum Bike Bottle

Made of aluminum, this desirable bottle promises a hassle-free experience for students. It can latch itself to bikes and features a spill-resistant lid. It is BPA free and meets FDA requirements. This product is available in 7 exciting colors.

8. 12″ Motorplane Glider

Motorplane Glider

Made of Balsa wood, this toy plan has a wing span of 12″. It is easy to assemble and flies well! Kids will love playing with this plane indoors as well as outdoors. A propeller is featured to boost the speed.

9. Spectra Highlighter

Spectra Highlighter

This product features five highlighters in one! It comes individually polybagged and is easy to use. Kids can highlight important text so that they can refer to them later while studying.

10. 5 x 7 ECO Notebook With Flags

ECO Notebook With Flags

This product is made from recycled paper. It features 25 flags each from 5 different colors. It also has 50 sheets of paper and a pen loop. A business card holder is present as well. Kids will love adding notes to this book!

11. Mini Stationery Kit

Mini Stationery Kit

This stationery kit features a cello tape, paper clips, a paper punch, rubber bands, stapler, staples, and sticky notes. Students can organize themselves better with this product. What’s more, it offers a large imprint area to highlight your brand!

We recommend that you place an order right away! You could also get in touch with us if you need more back to school giveaway ideas. We will gladly be of help! You can also make use of our insights on small businesses. You can use them to drive your business in the right direction!