6 Awesome Tech Promo Items to Win Customers Over in 2017

Gone are the days when you could woo customers with a simple logo-imprinted pen. To get their attention and favor, you need to keep up with the times. One of the latest trends in the promotional industry is the preference for high-value promotional products.

Technology promotional items have become quite popular and are considered to be high utility giveaways. According to PPAI, 87% of consumers say that they would keep a power bank while 60% say that they’d do business with a company they received a power bank from!

Regular power banks, however, are fairly common these days. You will have to opt for cooler tech giveaways to become your customer’s favorite brand! Here are 6 of the coolest promotional gadgets for your 2017 promotional campaign:

1. Zoom UL Listed Energy Rally Power Bank


As mentioned earlier, many companies are giving away power banks. You can still give away these useful products and distinguish yourself. This 6000 mAh power bank comes with two outputs for charging phones as well as tablets. It also has a sleek design and a silicone band to secure your phone while charging.

2. 720P High Definition Action Camera


Wow your customers by offering them this high-def action camera. It features 720p HD lens, a 2-inch LCD screen, a waterproof case, and mounts for helmets and handlebars. It is the perfect tool for those who want to record videos while riding a bike or engaging in adventure sports.

3. Boulder Waterproof Outdoor Bluetooth


Outdoor speakers are great products for any setting. Your recipients can take them wherever they go and play their favorite tunes. It is resistant to rain and dust and has built-in music control buttons. This giveaway will be a hit at pool and tailgate parties.

4. Selene “Touch” Light Up Bluetooth Speaker


This elegant nightstand or desk giveaway will surely impress your customers. They can change the light’s intensity by simply touching the top of the speaker. On tapping four times, color change mode is activated. They can select any one of the five colors to decorate their room. In addition, it also has a digital clock and ample space for your logo.

5. Zeus LED Light Bulb Bluetooth Speaker



A very cool and innovative technology promotional item. This is a Bluetooth-operated LED light and speaker that can replace regular light bulbs. It will last up to 45,000 hours i.e. approx. 5 years. Recipients can control the light and speaker settings using a remote. Moreover, these bulb speakers are connected to lamps so they don’t need to be charged either.

6. Ifidelity TruWireless Bluetooth Earbuds


These are truly wireless earbuds with no wires connecting the two ear pieces. They can connect to a phone via Bluetooth and come in a protective carrying case for convenience. They can work for over four hours on a single charge and have a built-in mic and music control. Your logo will be imprinted on the case to remind customers of your brand every time they use it.

Which of these promotional gadgets will you use this year? Let us know in the comments below. If you need help picking a promotional tech item, feel free to contact us.

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