10 Promotional Chocolates For Your Next Marketing Campaign

We live in a fitness-conscious world. Many people are trying hard to stay fit but that doesn’t prevent them from enjoying a delicious treat once in while! Chocolate-based giveaways can help brands establish a positive connection with their target audience. They are also a huge hit with educational institutions. You will do your brand a world of good by investing in one or many of these treats.

Featured here are delicious promotional chocolates people will love to enjoy! All of them are economically priced to ensure your brand doesn’t have to spend much on its next marketing campaign.

  1. Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels

These truly American crunchy pretzels are individually wrapped to ensure they don’t lose their freshness! Each pretzel comes dipped in the finest milk chocolate. They last for 3 months and can serve as great giveaways at trade shows and events.

  1. Canister of Plain M&M’s

Who can resist the taste of good ol’ M&M’s? This product features a canister that can be put to use after the goodies are over. A handy giveaway, this product will ensure recipients come back to you for more!

  1. Business Card Box with Truffles

Here is a delicious treat with a difference! It comes in the form of a business card box. Choose from five delicious truffle options – Dark Raspberry, Milk Amaretto, White Tiramisu, Milk Caramel, and Milk Hazelnut. You can also choose from 2 gift box colors – gold and silver. They come with matching bows and can serve as great business gifts. Your logo imprint will come on the box.

  1. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Here is a glossy bag of delicious chocolate chip cookies to highlight your brand! You can customize the entire bag and choose your choice of ribbon color. Count on your customers remembering you more often as they bite into these delicious goodies!

  1. Miniature Hershey Singles

Here is a chocolate candy bar that’s difficult to resist! It comes custom wrapped on the outside while an original Hershey wrapper remain on the bar. Your logo and message will appear as a full color imprint on the outer wrapper. The great taste will linger for a long time!

  1. Hershey Kiss Singles

This product is among the most economical on this list. Hershey Kisses has been hugely popular for many decades – you can count on this American product to gain more fans! Use the circular imprint area to get your message noticed at events! This tasty treat will serve your brand well!


  1. Small Chocolate Delights Gift Box

This attractive box comes with 12 chocolate pieces. You can choose the centerpiece from either dark chocolate or creamy milk flavors. Each chocolate in this box has been created using high-quality Swiss chocolate. Choose from silver or gold packaging and a matching box for extra visual appeal. Emboss your logo to ensure recipients don’t forget you soon!

  1. Hot Chocolate on a Spoon – Belgian Milk Chocolate

Belgian milk chocolate has always been a hit with connoisseurs! This product features chocolate on a spoon in a favor bag. This American product will give your brand a big boost!

  1. 2.15oz Milk Chocolate Candy Bar

Make use of the full color imprint on the wrapper to get your brand noticed in style. Use attractive customization to ensure nobody forgets your brand in a hurry!

  1. Chocolate Butterscotch Coconut Brownie

These brownies are tasty treats everybody will love to receive! Each brownie comes individually wrapped to maintain its freshness. They can be enjoyed in 2 weeks or stored in a freezer for up to 3 months.

Are you interested in any of these tasty treats? Get in touch with us and we will personalize them for you! We are confident your brand will be able to unleash the marketing prowess of logo imprinted chocolates and deliver positive results.

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