5 Tips While Dealing With Company Swag

The pursuit of economical marketing tools encourages newbie marketers to invest in company swag that are of little or no value to users. They keep forgetting that the primary objective of giveaways is to help establish a better connection with customers. It’s important that you invest in quality giveaways that will help recipients remember your brand more often!

Here are 5 tips to ensure you are on the right path while buying company swag:

  1. Understand why you are distributing company swag

There is an urgent need to remember why you are distributing company swag. Is it to gain more brand visibility? Or to launch a new product? Focus hard on the goal of your marketing campaign to gain positive results. Discuss with an expert if you are not aware about how giveaways will benefit your brand.

  1. Will your target audience appreciate the giveaways?

Any giveaway ordered by you should be seen from the recipient’s perspective. Will he/she find the product useful? At Promo Direct, we offer giveaways that are economical and high on quality at the same time. We recommend you ask us for our range of marketing winners!

  1. Go for freebies people love to receive!

T-shirts, water bottles, chargers, mugs and writing instruments are freebies people love to receive! It’s a good idea to invest in outdoor-related fun giveaways as well so that recipients have some quality time with family and friends wherever they go!

You could also make some queries about the hottest giveaways that are popularly sought after by your target audience. It help you make purchases that are more tuned with them!

  1. Choose the right occasion to distribute company swag

There is a right time for everything! Make sure you pick an event or holiday people will identify with to distribute goodies. This will help recipients remember your brand better. You could also distribute giveaways as a sign of appreciation.

  1. Choose the right number of giveaways

Perform necessary research before coming up with the total number of items for your order. Make sure you don’t order less because you may run out of freebies to give away after an hour! Don’t order too many as well because you may end up confused what to do about leftovers at the end of an event.

Did you find these tips useful? Get in touch with us and will provide you with some great swag ideas for 2017!

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