5 Successful Client Promotion Case Studies: Using Promo Products to Grow a Business (Part – 1)

Smart ideas backed by swift and precise execution are crucial elements for campaigns to succeed. But the centerpiece of any promotional marketing is, without a doubt, promo products.

In this 4 part series, we share successful client promotion campaigns that utilized promo items to improve brand awareness. The idea is to give you an understanding of how a good marketing strategy can be made great with the help of promo products.

Part 1 of the series consists of 5 case studies that fall under B2B programs, client brand programs, social responsibility programs, and social responsibility programs. Let’s dive straight into it, shall we?

1) B2B Programs 

#Case Study 1

Client: Food delivery app

Target Audience: Restaurants who want to partner with the delivery service.

Primary Objective: The client needed logoed products that could capitalize on their celebrity-filled, award-winning media campaign. The campaign already consisted of commercials, billboards, and posters, and they were a huge success. The client wanted to build on this success and give away gifts to restaurants using their app.

Overall Cost: $4,425

Strategy & Execution: The price point was identified within a few weeks. The distributor worked with suppliers to assemble the gift bags and delivered them to the client’s office for distribution.  

Results: The tea towels were more popular than expected. Restaurants were sent 1 of 3 versions of the artwork. However, some restaurants were so impressed by the artwork that they wanted all 3 versions. Due to the popularity, the tea towels ended up becoming a collector’s item of sorts. 

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#Case Study 2 

Client: Employee recruitment platform

 Target Audience: Companies located in Canada, UK, New Zealand, and Australia. Around 300 people for each employee recruitment event. 

Primary Objective: Supply logoed merchandise to events held in the targeted locations. The promo products needed to serve as a reminder of the brand.

 Overall Cost: $21,000 AUD 

Strategy & Execution: The selected products needed to be on the recipient’s desk, and they should serve as a reminder for the client’s brand. The distributor chose hardcover notebooks at an affordable price point and ensured that the colors were in line with the brand’s identity. The clients and the distributor also agreed upon giving away pens that paired well with the notebooks along with plastic bottles. All the gifts were then assembled in totes that could be further used for grocery trips. The idea was to create additional brand impressions.

Results: The event turned out to be a grand success and drew tons of compliments from the attendees and the client’s staff. 

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 2) Client Brand Programs

 #Case Study 3

 Client: Municipality

Target Audience: 100,000 visitors and 64,000 residents at 12 events.

Primary Objective: To reward brand enthusiasts and build good-will with useful products bearing the brand logo. These products should be used at home, work, and leisure.

Overall Cost: $4,500

Strategy & Execution: Promotions were undertaken on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The customers were directed to a web store on the town’s website, and they were encouraged to make purchases in the cultural arts center. Promotional gifts like T-shirts, mugs, tumblers, and tote bags were handed out to the attendees.

Results: The web store, purchases at the cultural arts center, and promo products provided consistent exposure for 12 events throughout the year. At the town’s cultural arts center, a sales display was set up to create opportunities for reorders.

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#Case Study 4 

Client: A company that provides tire sales & services.

Target Audience: Consumers who own sports cars, luxury cars, importer SUVs, or fleet vehicles. The audience demographic consists of 65% males and 35% females between the ages of 28-58.

Primary Objective:

1) To establish a strong brand presence that represents trust, professionalism, and reliability.

2) To provide the crew with workwear that is trendy, comfortable, durable, and suitable for all weather conditions.

3) To ensure continuity and consistency with their website.

Overall Cost: $10,000

Strategy & Execution: The client wanted to develop a strong brand image in under six weeks. Each week, the distributor and the client went through product selection, logo designs, imprint methods, product delivery, packaging, and shipping. 

The chosen color for the apparel was black since it represents formality, seriousness, and strength. The existing blue and white logo along with the tagline was placed on the upper left side of the golf shirts and jackets. This was to ensure good brand visibility. Durable pants with many pockets were selected. The logo was also embroidered on the hip. Lastly, jackets and vests were selected, and a baseball cap completed the attire.

Results: Since introducing the promotional apparel, the client noticed a 30% increase in brand awareness. This boost was attributed to their customers who appreciated and approved the look of reliability and professionalism. This helped instill a sense of trust and confidence in the brand.

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 3) Social Responsibility Programs

 #Case Study 5 

Client: A leading social media company.

Target Audience: A content strategy team of 400 members from the USA and other international offices. They represent a diverse group of people in terms of culture, age, orientation, and race.

Primary Objective: The event provided opportunities for team building, education, and training. The client wanted the promo items to be locally sourced and environmentally friendly. 

Overall Cost: $56,270 

Strategy & Execution: The distributor presented T-shirts, pens, journals, team gifts, stickers, and reusable straws as gift options. The distributor also recommended creating custom promo cards that explained how each product was environmentally friendly. To help reduce the client’s workload, the distributor also managed the budget, timelines, decoration methods, and artwork. 

Results: The attendees’ positively responded to the gifts. They appreciated the time and thoughtfulness that went into choosing each product. They also showed a great response in keeping the giveaways and using them over a period of time.  

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We hope you gained some deep insights from this article. Stay tuned for part 2 where we will be covering some more interesting client promotion case studies that fall under educational programs, non-profit programs, political programs, and much more. If you are looking for more promo product recommendations, then feel free to get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you!