4 Ways to Get People to Pay Attention to Your Marketing Content and Sales Pitches

marketing content and sales pitch improvement ways

There are multiple ways you can market your brand online.

But the competition is stiff. Millions of potential customers rove the websites, apps, and social media channels of your competitors. Getting them to choose your services is a matter of showing clarity and relevance at these touchpoints. Because people tend to tune out the things they don’t consider relevant to their daily lives.

How do you optimize your content to catch the short attention spans of the average web user on mobile and on the desktop? How do you craft a sales pitch in a mall, office, or video meeting? Here, we summarize 4 ways you can build a considerable lead base by catching and holding the attention of the people you engage online and in the real world.

#1 Think in Catchy Headlines

Now, what you are marketing has a point in the lives of your potential customers. You need to approach this point quickly. Why would they spend their time on your pitch? Because it offers them something. A catchy headline is one that wins their attention because it is written in the form of their needs.

For example, if you’re email marketing to find buyers for your water park equipment, make sure to frame your subject line around the needs of your target audience of water park owners and property developers. Write it in such a way as to show how your equipment can increase their tickets and revenue. “This new water slide product could increase revenues by up to 15% on your park.”

If you are verbally making a pitch, get to the point with their needs. “I have a solution to the problem your business is experiencing.” After you say this piece, then get into the nitty-gritty, where you actually present the content that you have prepared.

#2 Prepare Content Strategically

How do you keep the attention of your leads on you? When you prepare content for any marketing purposes, be it verbal, written, printed, or digital, there are a few points to remember to make it easier for your leads to understand you.

  • Simplifying: You need to order your words in such a way that is easy for the listener/reader to digest. You don’t want their eyes to glaze over as soon as you flow into the nitty-gritty. Break down the content into smaller parts. Bullet points are a must if there is long-form content involved. If talking to a potential customer in a phone or video conversation, you need to break down your product benefits, pain points, and pricing in a quick and efficient manner.
  • Delivery: How you deliver a message matters as much as the message. Overexplaining and jargon is a flaw that most people fall into when delivering content to their leads. This happens usually from a lack of understanding of the source material. So, make sure you and your content creators know the subject matter deeply, after which you can then deliver it simply. Present calls-to-action, product advantages, specs, comparisons, FAQs, and easy-to-use solutions. Video content is an extremely seamless way to deliver content, and if done well, satisfies almost any curious lead.

#3 Ask Questions to Maintain a Two-way Interaction

What many marketers and sales executives forget is that the process is a two-way street. They tend to break into monologues and long-winded emails. No lead wants to be preached to. A potential customer wants to have their own control over the conversation. After all, it is their needs that are of the utmost importance in any marketing endeavor.

That’s why it’s important for any marketing content and sales pitch to contain relevant questions to the potential customer. When in a conversation with a potential customer, keep asking for confirmations as to what they are saying, and what they need in terms of solutions to a pain point.

Regarding text content, it is impossible to have a two-way interaction. But there are ways to make it easier for potential leads to feeling like they are involved. Use famous copywriter Joe Sugarman’s Slippery Slope idea, where you break down the content into an easy-to-read form that the reader can just gently “slip” down.

How does it work? You can pose relevant questions as headlines, subheadings, and bullet points in the article/blog post. Then you answer those questions to present a solution. This allows the reader’s mind to interact with the text as if they are having a real conversation.

#4 Giving Away Promo Products

Lastly, gifting a memorable promo product to a potential customer can always make a favorable impression if you take the time to research and choose the appropriate product. Any gesture of goodwill or assistance can decide whether they choose your brand or not.

Take the time to understand your target group. A younger target group might prefer tech and sports products. An employed target group might prefer office promotional items. Seasonal gift sets also work well as a gesture of thoughtfulness. If it is a singular lead or a small group of leads, you may even have time to personalize the promo product with handwritten notes and flowers. People like it when you show a friendly human touch.

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