5 Promotional Apparel Ideas Promo Companies Should Prepare for in Summer 2021

summer promotional apparel ideas

Given that the last year was heavy with the peril of the COVID-19 virus, and most Americans were wary of traveling, many summer vacation plans were abandoned. People had to either take their work leave while cooped up in their homes or chose to stay over in local and domestic holiday destinations.

Due to pandemic spreads and travel restrictions in other nations, few Americans traveled overseas, and a large number of them were left frustrated during their vacations. 2021 brings them all the opportunity to finally break out of their state and national borders, and have a “replacement vacation.”

Promotional product companies need to tap into this need for the coming summer, as the target audience will look to make up on the lost ground. A significant tactic to familiarize them with the season is with summer apparel, especially those products that will be handy in tropical destinations in and out of the country. Bright colors, lightweight and airy fabric and cooling materials are the way to go. Here are 5 ideas to start with.

#1 Full-Color Dye-Sublimated Bandana

Promotional Full Color Dye-Sublimated Bandana

The idea of headgear in summer must be one where the head is protected by the burning rays of the sun, and where copious amounts of sweat are absorbed quickly, for comfort. A bandana comes in handy for both these issues and is especially useful in tropical summer destinations where the sun is stronger. The great thing is that it can also be worn around the neck to protect it.

This 100% polyester bandana can take a full-color print in whatever trendy design comes to mind and is super easy to wash. It makes for a stylish addition to one’s summer wardrobe. For something more traditional, promo companies could look to sell or give away caps like the Garment Washed Mesh Back Cap. If the target audience is more sporty, they could also try out the Cooling Headband.

#2 Puma Essential Adult Bermuda Shorts

Custom Puma Essential Adult Bermuda Shorts

In summer, shorts are a must. Shorts are versatile, able to be used in casual, semi-casual, and sporting contexts without much hassle. Ideally, they should be of comfortable, soft material to keep customers and employees happy.

These Bermuda shorts are largely made of soft cotton and have a handy elastic waistband with an inner drawcord for easy adjustability no matter the wearer’s waist size. They have side pockets, too, to keep life simple for the wearer. If promo companies are looking for something more high-end, they could sell or give away Puma Golf Men’s Tech Shorts, which is often a sought-after product among the middle-aged and older men demographic in the U.S.

#3 Port & Company® Ladies Tie-Dye V-Neck Tee

 Port & Company® Ladies Tie-Dye V-Neck Tee

Colorful t-shirts are always a rage, especially in popular summer contexts such as beaches, swimming pools, and outdoor picnics. Bright neon and rainbow colors can especially set the tone for the free-spirited summer holidays, and people would love to own a couple of these for use every year.

This t-shirt has an appropriately contoured form for women and is tie-dyed with neon and rainbow colors. It’s also 100% cotton, making it a comfortable choice. As for men’s t-shirts, companies could look no further than the Port & Company® Tie-Dye Tee.

#4 Champion Men’s Ringspun Cotton Tank Top

Tank tops are another fine choice in summers. Given their obvious benefits in hot weather, the comfort they lend must be top-notch. They allow ventilation around the body, which is almost a necessity in the outdoors.

This men’s tank top is 100% cotton, a material that is soft and airy enough on the skin. It eliminates that itchy, annoying tag on the neck label, and has the fraying-proof, double-ribbed binding on the neck and armholes. For women’s tank tops, it is worth noting the District Made® Ladies Perfect Tri® Rocker Tank has a stylish look and comfort as well.

#5 Adult Flip Flops

Custom Adult Flip Flops

Flip flops are a versatile promo product to give away. They can be used on beaches, near water bodies like streams and swimming pools, and on streets. Thong-style flip flops give the user’s toes and feet the coolness of the outdoor breeze. They are a necessary substitute for shoes, which tend to cause stuffiness and sweat in summer conditions.

This thong-style flip flop pair comes in 8 attractive colors. It is rubber-soled for flexibility and comes with a plastic thing that can take brand logo prints. Should you want other styles, there are the lightweight Side Flip Flops to choose from.

Promo product manufacturers and suppliers are always looking for new ways to help companies market their brands. In this case, the seasonal advantage of summer promotional apparel will hold companies in good stead, as people have a universal need to beat the heat. For more ideas on how to market and promote brands through promo products, contact Promo Direct at the shortest notice.