5 Reasons Why It’s A Great Idea To Add Promotional Products To Your Social Media Efforts

The past decade has witnessed thousands of businesses across the USA embracing social media sites to strengthen their marketing efforts. These businesses believe in the power of social media and the benefits gained by interacting with the target audience on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

And they are not wrong. Facebook has close to 2 billion users while Twitter has 320 million. These numbers are strong indicators that social media sites can provide your business with a wealth of business opportunities!

Realizing the potential, several businesses have gone one step ahead by combining their social media efforts with the power of promotional products. Their goal is to gain an enhanced level of marketing excellence that sets them apart from competitors. And they have excelled in their efforts!

Let’s look at 5 reasons why combining giveaways with your social media marketing campaigns should be high on your priority list!

  1. Boost sharing of posts and increase follower count

The main goal of a company’s social media presence is to gain as many followers as possible.

Companies that have a good standing in the industry find it easy to gain followers. Things are not so easy with small businesses that haven’t yet established a connection with the target audience. This is where promotional products step in.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to like a page. But you should give people a reason to like YOUR page. That “reason” can be in the form of a free t-shirt, pen or any other desirable giveaway. A follower who wins a freebie will definitely ask others to follow your page or share a post, giving your social media page a significant boost.

  1. Reward active online followers

Loyal customers in the physical world are provided with freebies, discounts and exciting deals as a token of appreciation. Why not do the same for your online followers as well? Reward followers who frequently share your posts by giving them cool giveaways. It’s a gesture they won’t forget anytime soon!

  1. Launch contests that increase engagement levels with followers

You could launch a photo contest where followers are asked to share pictures with your products. Or even ask them to create posts with a hash tag suggested by you. Give away freebies to people who come up with the most creative and shared posts!

  1. Launch treasure hunts featuring swag


You could launch an annual treasure hunt by hiding swag at different locations around the city. Use photographs to provide hints that help followers find the swag. Announce the event well in advance to ensure there is active participation from a lot of followers.

  1. Convert followers into customers

In most cases, a follower does nothing more than just “follow” your page. While these numbers help to boost the page’s credibility, it does little else from a business perspective. It’s important to convert followers into customers and this is only possible by breaking the ice through giveaways. Identify potential leads among your followers and approach them online to establish deeper business ties.

We hope these tips help your business leverage the power of social media along with the usefulness of marketing giveaways. Get in touch with us if you need quality giveaways to integrate with your next social media campaign. We will gladly be of help!

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