4 Questions Every Promotional Products Seller Should Keep in Mind

As a promotional products seller, you know it isn’t uncommon for various distributors to have access to the same products. So, how do you differentiate yourself from the rest in a price-competitive market? The answer is simple enough – connect with clients, understand their needs, deliver on their expectations, offer great service, and build long-term relationships.

While the answer may be simple, implementing it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. To stay ahead of competition, you must provide value to customers by anticipating their needs and understanding the motives behind their actions.

Here are four questions that will help you gain an insight into your customer’s buying cycle:

Do I Know Enough About the Buyer?

For a successful sale, knowing who you’re selling to is probably the most important factor. While you don’t have to go into your prospective customer’s personal life, knowing details about his/her company, the industry, in general, and the competitors can go a long way in your favor. At the same time, if you can find out how much the customer wishes to spend on promotional products, you can recommend the best options in the price range.

Which Products Should I Pitch to the Buyer?

While pitching products to buyers, the business sector they cater to plays a big role. As per the PPAI 2017 Buyer Study on 400 US media buying professionals, 96% of them are already purchasing promotional products. Out of these, 60% belong to the B2B market and 30% to the B2C market.

Now, B2B professionals in general are influenced more by logic and reason. They favor products offering relationship-building capabilities like fancy pens or golf balls. Similarly, B2C professionals can be motivated by branding opportunities. They prefer giveaways like t-shirts or tumblers that are incentive-oriented and appeal to large audiences. Hence, pitching promo products that align with your customer’s goals will increase the chances of you making a sale.

How Will My Customers Find My Company?

Today, it’s easier to find a promotional products distributor than it was a couple of decades ago. Customers can simply go online and buy the products they need. According to the PPAI Buyer Study, an average of 59% of buyers order their giveaways online.

Remember, before a customer calls you, he/she will go check out your website. That’s why your website should feel and act as your company’s virtual headquarters and must be designed to impress visitors. While the offline medium still brings many sales, the trend is shifting more towards a digital medium.  This makes it critical for your company to have a strong online presence.

Why is the Buyer Purchasing Promotional Products?

Brands are focusing on increasing customer satisfaction that will help them build loyalty and improve the customer’s buying experience. The buyer study by PPAI mentioned above reveals that 96% of promotional product buyers believe giveaways are effective marketing tools.

Many companies even use giveaways for essential marketing strategies like:

  • Acquiring New Customers
  • Generating Reviews
  • Motivating Consumer Behaviors
  • Sparking Word of Mouth
  • Generating Referrals

As a promotional products seller, you need to keep these goals in mind and offer a creative solution that will help brands meet their goals. In the process, you become a valued partner to the brand, hence ensuring a long-term business relationship.

With these questions in mind, you will be able to understand your customers better and offer them the best promotional product services you can. Moreover, being able to differentiate yourself will give you an edge over competition in an increasingly saturated market.

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