5 Mistakes To Avoid While Ordering Embroidered Apparel


Embroidered promotional products are desirable gifts people love to receive! Businesses usually rely on embroidered apparel as uniforms for employees or as gifts for cherished customers. One thing is for sure – very few products can match the brand visibility offered by imprinted apparel! Let’s take the example of employees wearing uniforms to work. There is every chance people will notice the logo on these uniforms every day, giving your brand valuable visibility beyond the office environment. In short, imprinted clothing can serve as efficient walking billboards around town for your brand or cause!

Unfortunately, many businesses don’t realize the importance of paying careful attention while ordering embroidered promotional products. The purpose of this article is to highlight mistakes that are frequently committed by businesses while placing orders for promotional clothing.

  1. Ignoring quality to save marketing dollars

You should consider imprinted t-shirts as marketing representatives of your brand! Don’t hesitate to spend more on high quality apparel that can last a couple of years. Many businesses prefer to opt for inexpensive clothing so that they can save a lot of marketing dollars. This decision backfires when low-quality clothing fades, shrinks or gets town after one or two washes.

At Promo Direct, we sell the finest clothing from reputed brands at budget-friendly pricing. We will ensure that apparel imprinted by us serves your brand for a long time!

  1. Not realizing the importance of stitch count

An embroidery design is made of several stitches. And many people don’t realize that embroidery prices are calculated on the basis of stitch count. How many stitches are required to get your logo embroidered on the t-shirt of your choice? The stitch count depends on the size and complexity of your logo’s design. If the stitch count is on the higher side, you will have to spend more for the embroidery process. Keeping this in mind will help you interact with embroiderers in a better fashion.

At Promo Direct, we have an experienced team capable of providing high-quality logo imprints by keeping stitch counts at low levels.

  1. Imprinting inaccurate messages

What do you intend to gain by personalizing a t-shirt? Do you seek to promote a specific product or cause? It’s important to ensure that an appropriate call-to-action is highlighted on the clothing chosen by you. For example, if you wish to gain more website traffic, then it’s recommended to get your company’s URL imprinted on the clothing. Feel free to use catchy taglines or quotes to make the clothing more appealing!

  1. Not specifying the right sizes

If you look at the clothing options available at Promo Direct, you will notice that we offer a wide range of sizes. It’s important to place orders in different sizes to ensure that everybody – big or small – gets an opportunity to comfortably fit in clothing ordered by you. You could arrive at the sizes to opt for by doing a quick analysis of your target audience. You could also ask our representatives for tips on choosing the right sizes. We have undertaken thousands of apparel orders so far and we are in a position to provide you with the right advice!

  1. Placing an order with low quality service providers

Hop online and you will notice there are hundreds of companies selling promotional products. But can you trust them all? It’s important to go through the company’s credentials before placing an order with them. This will help you avoid unnecessary hassles later. Promo Direct has been in the business gifting business since 1991 and has been voted # 1 Promotional Products Store three years in a row by TopTenReviews.com. We will go the extra mile to ensure clothing ordered by you is personalized and delivered to your doorstep in an efficient manner!

We hope this article places you in a better position to order embroidered giveaways! Get in touch with us for more embroidery insights – we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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