4 Trends Workplaces Will Utilize in 2021

4 Trends Workplaces Will Utilize in 2021

As the year of the COVID-19 pandemic came to a close, we understood that there is no guarantee that the uncertainty ends. Businesses are still aware that there is a lot of work to do to get to pre-pandemic levels of revenue. They also realize that the pandemic is still very much alive.

What will define their 2021? There are several trends that are predicted as being common to most of the workplaces out there, as they strive to pick themselves up from the 2020 slowdown. Also, there are other looming sociopolitical issues that will affect how workplaces are run. Here, we present 5 trends that are most likely to occur.

#1 Flexible Working Policies for Remote Working

There will be an emphasis on remote working for the first half of 2021. The pandemic is still raging in the U.S., and several polls show that most of the American workforce is not confident of working from the office just yet. Furthermore, given that business was smoothly carried out for most of the last year through digital means, remote working might become a permanent aspect of work policies even after the pandemic passes. Employers and employees are warming to the idea of the work-from-home (WFH) situation improving productivity.

#2 Employers Will Develop Work-Related Technology for Employees

As companies were forced to ensure that most of their active workforce would be on WFH mode, they recognized the implacable value of various modes of digital technology. Several surveys showed that many employees were displeased that their companies didn’t provide them the technological means to enable their WFH situations. So, now, employers will try to develop frontline digital technology such as mobile communication apps for remote workers and hands-free technology such as voice messaging and voice assistants for physical workers.

#3 Gen Z Will Come to the Fore

Generation Z, or the “zoomers,” will continue to dominate and influence the workplace. Growing up with digital riches and social media, they are the most tech-savvy, information-flexible generation in the American workforce, with over 90% of them having smartphones. To tie in with the above point, it is vital that companies digitalize their departments, preferably toward smartphone communication, to utilize Gen Z’s strengths. Also, companies would do well to invest in them so as to retain them. One familiar way of doing so is by keeping up with their tech-savviness—you can gift them the occasional promotional product that has a technological edge.

#4 Creating a Well-Defined Company Culture

Company culture will be rejuvenated in 2021. After a year of uncertainty and fear, with many employees laid off or furloughed, employees will be hungry for some sense of stability and belonging. Well-defined company culture can help employees feel welcome back at their company and at heart with its objectives. People just want to feel at home, and as long as employers make the effort to loosen up on certain work and compliance policies, and befriend their employees, employees will want to stay.

Also, given the last year of sociopolitical issues in the U.S. and the eventual presidential election, employers will become more sensitive to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within their companies. There will be a careful analysis of employee data to ensure there is more diversity so that the sense of community and morale is strengthened.

Another simple way of furthering company culture will be through heartfelt, personalized giveaways and promotional products. It could be a warm pullover for the winter with the company logo, or a stylish insulated tumbler for one’s office coffee. If businesses need ideas on promotional products for their employees, Promo Direct can help them make a thoughtful choice into this hopeful new year.