5 Thoughtful Giveaways To Make Prom Events More Memorable!

For most High School juniors and seniors, prom night ranks among the most important events of their lives! Prom memories are cherished for a lifetime – it’s important to make the event an awesome night for everybody involved, from participating students to their favorite teachers! One way you can achieve this is by distributing great prom favors and keepsakes. Most customized prom giveaways will ensure that students have a tangible memory that will serve as a timely reminder of the event.

For decades, Promo Direct has been working with schools across USA to provide high-quality prom giveaways at the lowest prices in the industry. Our aim is to look at proms from two perspectives. First, we want schools to take prom marketing to newer heights. Second, we want participating students to have the time of their lives! So, go through these desirable giveaways to pick useful and thoughtful prom giveaways that can hike the wow factor at parties by several notches!

  1. 25 oz. Aluminum Alpine Bottle


This product is part of our Free 24 Hour Rush Service – order today and we’ll ship in 24 hours! This 25 oz. bottle is BPA-free and comes with a carabiner that ensures easy carrying around. This hugely durable product can be used by students and teachers for years, providing quality ROI.

  1. 11 oz. Double Wall Tumbler


This tumbler is made of stainless steel and features a copper vacuum insulation. The double wall ensures that hot liquids remain warm for 8 hours and cold liquids cool for 16 hours. An accompanying thread gasket is applicable for bottle or can use. This tumbler comes with a retail gift box. It’s the ideal gift for students and teachers!

  1. Miniature Hershey Singles


This product belongs to our Free 48 Hour Rush Service – order today and we ship in 48 hours! The custom-wrapped chocolate will add the cool factor to prom events! These chocolates are tasty, desirable and will be lapped up by kids in no time!

  1. 9″ Glow Straw


Here is a straw that will add a touch of innovation and style to the event. This straw is available in a variety of colors. It is initially colorless but will change color on activation. This one-time use product is not ideal for thick liquids. Kids will love the glow factor associated with these straws!

  1. Mega Hand Clapper


These clappers will help to generate extra noise at the prom event! It’s a great way to encourage students to have more fun!

Did you find the products featured here interesting? Get in touch with us for more prom giveaway ideas and we’ll gladly be of help!

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