5 Marketing Lessons for Back to School Marketers!

Back to School season is looked forward to every year by millions of students and parents across the country. There’s a lot of preparation done weeks in advance so that kids enjoy their return to schools. This season is special for marketers as well because it gives plenty of opportunities to interact with customers and introduce solutions to a new audience.

Back to School marketing campaigns need to be approached with a clear and smart mind. Steer ahead of competitors with the marketing tips featured in this article.

  1. It’s all about timing!

The Back to School season refers to a period of 1 to 2 months before school starts. This is when marketers begin conscious efforts to target students. Adopt a strategy that helps you keep a track on schools in your area and when exactly they reopen. This will help you plan out your campaign in a smarter manner.

  1. Understand your audience

The Back to School audience is diverse and widespread. There are around 77.1 million students in the USA. Out of these, 4.5 million are attending nursery school, 53.4 million are in the K-12 bracket, and 19.1 million are college/graduate students. Which group of students do you wish to attract?

  1. Invest in giveaway parents and kids will love to receive!

Parents do a lot of shopping for their kids – you could chip in with some useful Back to School promotional items as gifts to remember your brand by. A sturdy school bag can do a wonderful job of reminding customers about your brand. A school kit with attractive stationery is another welcome gift they will love to receive!

  1. Don’t forget the teachers!

There are millions of K-12 teachers in the country today. Take advantage of their spending power by gifting them pens and other useful giveaways. A teacher using giveaways personalized with your logo will definitely be a boon to your brand.

  1. Keep an eye on trendy items children love to own!

Your Back to School efforts should be an extensive and research-based one. Make sure you keep a tab on trendy items kids will love to own. For example, there are instances when children reach school and see other kids with desirable stationery items, prompting them to ask their parents to do another round of shopping. Understand trends in advance and personalize goodies children can’t ignore!

We hope you found the tips featured here useful. Get in touch with us for more ideas on making this season special for your brand. We can also help you with B2B marketing tips and giveaways to help your brand stand out. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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